27 Ancient Chinese Desserts Worth Trying

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China is a vast country with many regional cuisines from different cultural groups. Therefore, Chinese food is very diverse and can be cooked in many styles. Chinese desserts are often overlooked. But there are delicious snacks. eat with your favorite meal

The most popular desserts are confectionery, marshmallows, and rice dishes. dessert jellies and even sweet soups!

There’s food to suit all tastes, with extensive ice cream options and the perfect dessert for a celebration.

Many of these recipes use traditional techniques that can be more complicated for those who don’t.

Do not give up! Some of these recipes are very easy. I have included options for all skill levels in this list.

Almond jelly is a fattier treat than other gelatin desserts. By using milk in the recipe and adding almond flavor with the help of extract.

A small amount of granulated sugar brings sweetness to the dish. Create the perfect dessert to serve with fresh fruit.

Even though this is a dessert, I still enjoy eating this dessert in the morning.

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One of the most popular Chinese desserts in the United States. Bubble tea can be prepared in many ways.

Some people use the fruit to add flavor. But I love this classic interpretation of the tea and cream ingredients.

Customize the recipe using your favorite tea and add unique features to this drink. Bounce cassava starch balls for more “waves”

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These cookies are a popular dessert for holiday celebrations. Although it is very easy to do even if it is not a special occasion.

These cookies aren’t just silly.

In addition to walnuts, this recipe also uses roasted sesame seeds for a flavor boost that surpasses other dishes.

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Chocolate and spices help this Chinese dessert stand out from other similar cakes.

What I like most about this dish is the strong and rich aroma of spices like cinnamon, cloves and pepper.

The cake also has a slight bitter taste of coffee. Although espresso or chai tea will help the cake have a stronger flavor.

Check out other classic chocolate desserts if you enjoyed this one!

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The eight treasures in this rice cake recipe combine dried fruit and nuts.

If you follow the recipes, you will need to wait for the mixture to dry.

To save time, I also like to eat fresh fruit. The real highlight is the sweet red bean paste inside this chewy snack.

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Who wouldn’t want to recreate a traditional Chinese-American restaurant at home? This recipe is pretty basic and easy to make.

For me, the most challenging part of this recipe was folding the cookies. But once you master this technique. The process will be quick. The result is the crackers you’re familiar with.

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The shape and texture of this Chinese dessert reminds me of sweet fried tofu.

Condensed milk with cornstarch forms the soft and creamy base of this dessert.

Layers of bread crumbs add crunch to this soft and slightly sweet dish. When fried, it will have a beautiful golden color

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Mango pudding is a great place to start if you’ve never made an Asian dessert before.

The techniques involved are simple and similar to those used in other recipes while also incorporating fresh flavors.

Pureed mango and coconut milk give it a delicate texture and firmness along with the addition of gelatin to create this pudding.

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Rice vermicelli made with ground chickpeas This cake requires a bit of setting.

Nuts need to be soaked overnight so that they are soft enough to grind and form into a cake batter.

Although it may take more time. But the recipe is quite simple! Also, when making these cakes, you can add a little filling. I recommend you try the traditional red bean paste.

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These little square cakes are filled with sweet and sour pineapple.

In my opinion, the cake can be used as a substitute for the ready-made pineapple jam. But in my opinion, using fresh fruit is better.

Perfect match with pineapple and soft cake texture. surround This pie has plenty of butter and egg yolks to create the perfect bite.

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Many people are probably familiar with this famous Chinese dessert. Sesame balls can be made in many ways, including a spicy one.

This recipe is stuffed with red bean paste.

These little treats are soft and delicious with a layer of sesame seeds on the outside.

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This creamy pudding has an easily adapted recipe for making this vegan dessert. Soy milk pudding uses soybeans to make a delicious dessert.

Beans make soy milk, I think the product made with charcoal powder will be more fragrant.

Sprinkle with soy flour to contrast the soft pudding texture.

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These almond cookies are a great starting point for those who are new to Chinese desserts.

This recipe is very simple and similar to other cookie recipes.

These cookies are buttery and creamy, using almond extract to bring a subtle flavor to the dessert.

The almonds on top are my favorite part of this dessert. Add a crunchy element.

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In English, Fat Sang Wu roughly translates to Chinese Peanut Ice Cream Dessert. You will love this cream!

Start with fresh peanuts if you have a blender that can grind them or use peanut butter instead.

This dessert is made from rice flour. It’s a great option for those looking for a dairy-free option!

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Tang Yuan is an unusual dessert served at the end of the Chinese New Year.

These are sweet dumplings with a crust made from glutinous rice flour.

Follow this recipe to learn how to make two fillings with different fillings. Once you have mastered this recipe. You can even make your own version of these delicious treats!

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This Chinese pudding uses egg yolks instead of gelatin to achieve the pudding’s texture. Expect custard sweetness from this dessert.

My first time cooking this dish. I tried using an existing metal steamer, it worked fine, but I struggled to get the bowl upright.

The process is much smoother than using a traditional bamboo steamer!

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Brown sugar bread does not use brown sugar as an ingredient in this soft flour. Brown sugar in the filling!

The bread on the outside reminds me of English muffins with a much smoother texture.

Another advantage of using this recipe is that this bread is pan-fried. So you don’t need an oven to make it.

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These cakes are bite-sized and delicious as another Chinese dessert that uses eggs.

This recipe recommends using store-bought puffs as it makes the process much easier.

Eggs and egg yolks add rich texture and flavor to this custard. while the added vanilla accentuates the sweetness in this dessert.

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Despite its name, this dessert soup has no almonds.

This recipe uses two types of apricot kernels, one of which has a similar sweetness to almonds.

Apricot kernels contain cyanide. Therefore, be careful when using this ingredient. However, the cooking process should minimize its effects. Make sweet cream soup

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Perfect sweets and chips that you can enjoy without being overwhelmed.

This recipe uses only a tablespoon of sugar to get the residual sweetness from the ripe bananas.

Even if it is fried But the dough is light and fluffy. Make it a crunchy snack. Serve this dessert with the dipping sauce of your choice.

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Fa Gao is a simple small cake made with a four-ingredient recipe.

The challenge with this recipe is using the right technique to get the right texture out of the dessert.

on successful cooking These cakes will come apart during the steaming process. Make the dessert look like a blooming flower.

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Follow this recipe for this version of steamed buns. These egg tarts are light and spongy.

Remember to beat the eggs on medium speed first, then reduce the speed.

This process uses large and decisive air bubbles to create the texture of the cake. Garnish with lemon zest to brighten this dessert.

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Moon cakes are attractive small cakes served during China’s family-focused celebrations.

This original recipe gives instructions on the two most common fillings in these cakes: the kernel or the poppy filling.

These cakes are crispy on the outside with a light texture. while the inside is softer to me This contrast is one of the best aspects of this dessert.

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This Chinese confection has a lot of egg flavor but has the spongy texture one would expect from a sponge cake.

Just a little lemon juice or white vinegar will make all the difference for this cake.

Creamy ingredients in the cake, such as butter and milk, contribute to a lighter flavor while maintaining a light texture.

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Water chestnuts are a popular ingredient in China. It can be used to cook many dishes, both savory and sweet.

This Chinese confection uses chestnut flour to create a unique transparent cake.

Fresh water chestnuts are also added to contrast this sweet and soft dessert. This dish can be served hot or chilled.

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Many cultures make different forms of butter cookies. But this dessert is a little less sweet than the others.

Whatever they lack in sweetness, these cookies make up for in decadence. This recipe requires just the right amount of butter and vanilla. Thanks to the rich flavor of these cookies.

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This dessert is a delicious Chinese dessert should try if you like homemade desserts.

Personally, I find baking a challenge. Like any other baking process, this dish requires a certain technique to get it right.

Candy should be soft and chewy.

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final thought

Mix up your usual desserts with these Chinese dessert recipes! If you like sweets in the morning like me You can have it for a Chinese breakfast.

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