3 check-in points at Phu Quoc United Center make women “crazy”

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If you are planning an interesting trip in Phu Quoc pearl island. Remember not to miss the attractive check-in point at Phu Quoc United Center, which is expected to end this April.

Vietnam’s first teddy bear museum

Located in the heart of the “Sleeping City” Grand World Phu Quoc United Center. Teddy bear museum With a total area of ​​more than 1,500m2, this is one of the 5 largest bear museums in the world. The building has a unique circular architecture that simulates a donut battle. This place features a giant teddy bear statue 15m high waving to visitors.

The Phu Quoc United Center Teddy Bear Museum, themed around the journey of the famous explorer Indiana Jones, gathers more than 500 elaborately designed and meticulously handcrafted bears, bringing visitors into the world that will go on. and civilization

Ancient Egyptian pharaoh bear, mermaid bear, Medusa, giant ice bear that never melts, Statue of Liberty, stuffed version. Vietnam Teddy Bear Oc Eo Teddy Bear Museum Walking in Phu Quoc Prepare dozens of beautiful and sparkling virtual live photos for this summer.

This large-scale project requires high investment. Check-in location at United Center Phu Quoc The scorching heat of this year’s tourist season.


Let’s discover the detailed and practical travel experiences that visitors need to know to have a complete journey to discover the Pearl Island.

‘Clone of Venice’ in the heart of Phu Quoc

lover, Venice With the Green Canal and romantic Italian love songs. Therefore, this is a dream destination. But today you can experience love on every level at ‘Miniature Venice’ at ‘Amusement Universe – Sleepless Resort’ without worrying about 10 hours of jet lag. Phu Quoc Reunification Center.

This place recreates a canal meandering through three semicircular bridges with domes and typical European architecture. The poetic scene of “Venice Pepper” makes you feel like you are traveling in this romantic West. Check-in location at United Center Phu Quoc Tourists traveling to the pearl island should not be missed.

Check in Phu Quoc United Center

in the vibrant entertainment area Couples still have a quiet romantic corner sitting on a traditional gondola and cruising on the clear blue water. Soothe your mind with the beautiful voice of a beauty. You can relax and enjoy the uplifting feeling. Venice Phu Quoc It will be an unforgettable memory in the hearts of every visitor.

Legendary bamboo works

Throughout the millennial history of the Vietnamese nation, there are three symbols that have been passed down from generation to generation The bamboo tree – symbolizing simplicity, sincerity and resilience The lotus flower – symbolizes virtue Noble. There is a distinctive Asian philosophy. and embodies Drumdon – its own independent civilization.

Here, under the supervision of talented painter Vo Trong Nghia, an internationally renowned architect of art. These three cultural symbols come together perfectly in “The Legend of the Bamboo Tree”.

This is one of the largest bamboo works in the world, 15m high, with an area of ​​700m2, made from 32,000 Tay Ninh bamboo stalks.

Check in Phu Quoc United Center

in the middle of the main square “City that never sleeps” Grand WorldThe legend of the bamboo tree is also loved by many visitors. “Phu Quoc Bamboo Museum”In addition to connecting with the attractive destination of Pearl Island, this is also an opportunity to bring the culture and pride of Vietnam closer to foreign friends.

Both locations are open 24/7. Create buzzing circles and endless festive zones with the power of some of the world’s most famous cities that never sleep.

These three charming futuristic buildings are part of the city that never sleeps. Grand World Phu QuocThe complex will officially open on April 21, spreading over an area of ​​85 hectares and offering a series of unique experiences. Vibrant and modern shopping street Vibrant festivals and parties Bustling entertainment centers Venice, Shanghai, night markets…

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Besides the iconic check-in point, Grand Ward also organizes local festivals such as Ninh Ong Festival, Nguyen Trung Truc Festival, Boat Racing Festival, Thailand, India, USA, Germany, Mexico….

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