3 shows at United Center Phu Quoc you should not miss this April

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With an investment of up to 26 million USD, just opened in April 2021, Phu Quoc United Center by director Viet Tu promises to take visitors on a journey to discover new lands.

If visitors are still wondering what to play at Phu Quoc United Center, the 3 shows below are perfect. Director Viet Tu said, “There are two things that people often care about. One thing is past and past. And what’s left is the future and the things that haven’t happened yet. I want to own a time machine That’s why concerts like ‘Essence of Vietnam’, ‘Colors of Venice’ and ‘Once’ will be the most anticipated music festivals in April. It is an exaggeration to say that the ‘Million Dollar Show’ is truly the difference that turns Phu Quoc United Center into a world-class ‘entertainment paradise’.

Show “Essence of Vietnam” – The prom night brings us back to our roots.

In the first ‘air’ journey, Director Viet Tu takes us back to the roots with ‘Vietnamese Essence’ This is one of the most dedicated and elaborate nights at Phu Quoc United Center ‘Vietnamese Essence’ Directed by Director Viet Tu, with the advice of famous experts such as: Assoc.

The show takes visitors into the past, meeting people from decades ago and enjoying forgotten traditions. The “party” of the “Vietnamese elite” on the set is a monumental and unique scene. the law of near and far

                Phu Quoc United Center Show

The highly anticipated ‘Essence of Vietnam’ program at Phu Quoc United Center uses a 3D map projector system, the latest entertainment technology in the world today. The show promises to bring Vietnamese cultural and artistic products comparable to the world’s leading reality shows such as Disneyland, Truong Nghia Thuc…


Let’s discover the detailed and practical travel experiences that visitors need to know to have a complete journey to discover the Pearl Island.

Watch “Colors of Venice” – the melody of the seas of Europe.

Director Viet Thu said that everything in the show Essence of Vietnam or “Colors of Venice” is meticulously cared for to the smallest detail. by paying attention to every point of the outfit Phu Quoc United Center Show This will be the most anticipated event in April in Asia.

Why is it called ‘European Waterfall’? ‘Colors of Venice’ uses the Grand World Canal and Central Lake as a giant underwater stage. From sunset to dusk This place turns into a surreal space with an underground stage of hundreds of square meters. At the same time there was a performer walking on water. With monumental props such as projection fans, sound and light systems, visitors seem to be transported into a fanciful visual world when dozens of Gonzola ships line up one after another. It stimulates the five senses and depicts a vivid and beautiful Europe.

                Phu Quoc United Center Show

At one of the performances of Phu Quoc United Center, visitors can’t help but be amazed at the difference, scale and investment. Coming to Europe’s new paradise, “Colors of Venice” is sure to please satisfy even the most demanding visitors and viewers.

Performance of “Once” – a song about heaven.

The final destination of the journey “in the air” is the show “Once” The show “Once” will be held on February 30, 2021 at Phuong Hoang Fire Square of the largest amusement park in Vietnam VinWonders Phu Quoc Park. As one of the last shows of Phu Quoc United Center, the show ‘Once’ is not inferior in terms of scale and level of investment.

‘Once Show’ brings the story of good and evil to life with 3D mapped effects on the castle’s face, smoke, fire, laser and multimedia, just like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ . Visitors to Phu Quoc United Center will be immersed in the world of wonderful sound. modern lighting and professional skills of performers Currently the investment cost is up to 12 million USD.

                Phu Quoc United Center Show

Phu Quoc United has a large and diverse ecosystem of entertainment, entertainment, shopping, discovery, tourism and resort. or the iconic ‘Bamboo Legend’ record building. possible experience

Special 3 Shows Phu Quoc United Centerr Including “Vietnamese Essence”, “Colors of Venice” and “Once”, this April will bring the name of the Vietnamese entertainment industry in general and Phu Quoc United in particular to spread around the world. State-of-the-art 3D Map Slideshow Costumes are designed and invested… These are the things that make a show or event grand and magnificent.

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