4 Hue dishes you should try when you come to the ancient capital

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Hue cuisine is very diverse and you can enjoy specialty cakes, sweet tea dishes or many popular snacks, so please take the time to explore when moving to the wire.

It’s a Hue food It has always attracted tourists because of its beauty and simplicity. But delicious and rich The cuisine of the ancient capital is also one of the unique features you can discover if you have the opportunity to visit. Hue tourism If you ignore the following 4 points, it is not complete!

bun Bo Hue

The dish often served in the palaces of the Nguyen Dynasty in the past, Bun Bo Hue combines the sweetness of stewed bones. The greasy taste of stewed spring rolls And the aroma of lemongrass with a characteristic flavor, I remember shrimp shrimp (the name of a type of shrimp that often lives in brackish water).

When eating, boil the vermicelli in boiling water until soft, less sour, add thinly sliced ​​shrimp paste, crab cakes, meat rolls, and fragrant broth. The difference of Bun Bo Hue is its rich flavor and aroma that cannot be found anywhere else. Enjoying a bowl of beef noodle soup in the morning will help you explore this ancient city.


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Mussel rice

In addition to beef noodle soup, Mussel rice is also a rustic dish of Hue. And skipping this dish is a huge miss for gourmet diners. Mussel rice with sweet potato mussel meat served with fresh vegetables served with crispy pork skin and roasted peanuts, adding sweet and spicy mussel fish sauce makes the dish even more delicious, is the dish to be targeted if you have the opportunity to come. Hue. Don’t forget to try the “branded” dishes of Hue Ancient Capital.

Four Must-Try Dishes When Coming to Hue Ancient Capital

piece of the underworld

Contrary to the slightly odd name, Hades rice is a fresh and colorful dish. The reason is called hell rice because the shop only sells at night when the lights are on. You can eat sliced ​​hade. We are not specific about processing methods. But it is the rice from the underworld that has a harmonious color and nutritional value. You can try simple royal dishes. at a restaurant on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hue.

Four Must-Try Dishes When Coming to Hue Ancient Capital

fruit cake

Fruit green bean cake is made from pure green beans and fruits such as mango, apple, pear, plum are thoroughly mixed. and soaked in beautiful jelly It was the breakfast of the Nguyen Dynasty in the past. To enjoy a true Hue green bean cake, you need to add a nice cup of tea to your kettle and chat with a few friends.

Four Must-Try Dishes When Coming to Hue Ancient Capital

When coming to the land of the ancient capital, not only can you enjoy the scenic beauty, but also a “dining trip”. Hue food famous, this will definitely be an interesting experience in your travel itinerary. Hopefully the above information will help you choose delicious dishes when traveling to Hue.

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