5 Beach Travel Secrets You Didn’t Know

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The beach is a charming destination for many people, but sometimes the unexpected can ruin the whole trip if you don’t know how to fix it.

1. Sand sticks to feet – sprinkle with talcum powder immediately.

Have you ever gone crazy because sand sticks to your feet every time you go to the beach? Don’t forget to bring baby powder next time. Just rub some baby powder on your feet or other parts of your skin and the sand will come off naturally. Baby powder has hygroscopic properties. This way your skin and sand will dry quickly and the sand will not stick to you.

2. Water in the ear – blow bubbles

5 Beach Travel Secrets You Didn't Know

As soon as you take a deep breath and blow the bubble, the uncomfortable feeling of having water in your ears will be gone. Please take special note

3. Cell phones in the country – don’t forget to bring a zip bag.

5 Beach Travel Secrets You Didn't Know

Although mobile phones are not waterproof, do not be too careful. Zip pocket protects your phone from water and sand. just vacuum in a carefully closed bag You can have fun at the beach without worrying about ‘crickets’ anymore.

4. Sunburned skin – Apply aloe vera immediately.

5 Beach Travel Secrets You Didn't Know

Everyone hugs a tan while going to the beach. Just a few leaves can soothe the uncomfortable burning sensation on the skin every time it comes in contact with it.

5. Diving is a headache. Cover your nose and mouth.

5 Beach Travel Secrets You Didn't Know

People who have never dived are prone to headaches and dizziness due to sudden pressure changes after scuba diving. Remember to cover your nose and mouth for 5-10 seconds before entering the water to put pressure on your head.

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