5 outstanding tourism trends after COVID-19

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The pandemic caused by covid-19 has a serious impact on the smokeless industry. But it also makes new travel trends emerge from the needs of people around the world.

Hotels, attractions and major events around the world are being canceled as tourist arrivals are expected to drop by about 80% in 2020 compared to the previous year. According to McKinsey travel trends Since COVID-19 People’s lives have changed, however, new opportunities are still emerging through the efforts of governments and corporations.

accommodation trends (local tourism)

clause local sightseeing Since the outbreak of COVID-19 The Travel Trends Forecast 2021 shows more information. This allows you to travel without a passport.

of the Local discovery tour Designed for beginners to locals. These activities often involve discovering cultures and places of little interest to locals. There are also many people who book a room at the hotel across the river to experience it out of curiosity.

in the UK is an important source of income from tourism Pandemic caused by covid-19 Expected to lose £22 billion in 2020, the market has seen a remarkable increase Tell us about your accommodation needs. and 138% increase in search

In Hong Kong, luxury hotels are full with deals aimed at local tourists. This is mainly because the packages are particularly attractive and affordable for travel enthusiasts. And guests can enjoy the new travel trend. When safety is assured with the hotel’s strict hygiene procedures The same phenomenon can be seen during beach and island holidays. where private villas are built for smaller and more private parties.

pay interest domestic resort Facilities like local beaches Hiking trails, campsites, and parks not only attract more customers to the businesses involved. but also experience “Picnic Baskets” at restaurants that also offer wicker baskets according to selected destinations. being noticed

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Five Cent Photo of Covid 19 Travel Guide

to stay competitive and relevant. Encourage customers to choose to eat out This includes a personal Michelin star chef. picnic take out Freshly made cocktails on delivery And tea drinking experience is fun.

The trend of contactless travel and automation

contactless travel This can be of immediate importance to everyone and is perhaps the most obvious change in the travel and tourism industry. Potential risk of infectionlike checking in to Immigration and touching surfaces at the hotel reception.

This means that automation is expected to become part of the new normal. travel trends 2021 Biometrics (Face recognition, contactless fingerprint scanning, etc.) will replace physical fingerprint scanners and fingerprints.

Trends in personal transport

tourism products Minpaku Service It attracts a large number of people and outperforms hotel booking services due to its smaller capacity and greater privacy. This is because tourists often shy away from using public transport such as buses and trains. The same is expected of a rental car.

Trends of travel to find the pure land

5 cents travel guide photo after covid 19 3

During the time of social distancing, factors Going natural will be more attractive.Visitors are eager to venture into exhilarating open landscapes and enjoy the great outdoors.

Restoration and conservation tours, where tourists take an active role in restoring ecosystems, are also growing in popularity. The second largest freshwater wetland in the world There are four campsites. Proceeds from this event will be used to fund the restoration of native species. including jaguars (Though domestic and international commercial flights are suspended.)

try to build an artificial city more green space – For example, Copenhagen is building artificial islands accessible by swimming, kayaking or boating that can be used for picnics and fishing.

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“Lonely” let the trend

Many people dream of becoming rest in a quiet placeFamous beaches, home-sharing, large hotels, and bustling cities are all on your wish list at once. Private villas, boats, boutique hotels and other places. Peaceful countryside, lakeside, mountains will be the first choice

follow the trend Go travel alone also Step in the direction of social distancing. Le Bijou Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland Launching Smart Apartment Service COVID-19 serviceThis includes food delivery. Meals prepared by a personal chef (ordered remotely via iPad) 24/7 wellness checks and even in-room coronavirus tests

in the Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean Sun Siyam Resorts announces that for $1 million you can book a room on any island (Iru Veli or Vilu Reef) for 15 days for up to 50 guests in an innovative Birdbox cabin . only two people and can be installed in a pristine natural environment with minimal footprint.

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It’s a travel trends Highlights after COVID-19 change habits The more personal “tricks” you have, the more you “refresh” with a better spirit and confidence.

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