5 reasons why the train is the ideal means of transport on this holiday

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Traveling by air is always the first idea for travel especially when now there are more and more low-cost airlines to help us travel anywhere at a reasonable price. However, on long vacations, when family members are in a hurry, buying air tickets is very difficult, even ticket prices are inflated.

For this reason, more and more tourists decide to travel by train instead of by plane. In fact, traveling by train has some advantages. Here are 5 reasons to travel by train. See if they convince you! 1. Favorable and stable tariffs

Photo: Internet Flights, trains and cars are always an issue for many people when travelling. Many people often travel by plane because it is fast, so sometimes it takes months to “hunt” for cheap plane tickets. However, if you decide to take the train as your means of transport, you can quickly “solve” this problem. Choosing to travel by train will save you money on tickets and always allow you to be proactive in your time management. Compared to the plane, the train journey is significantly cheaper, especially for longer distances, the price difference is more pronounced and there are rarely additional costs. In addition, train fares are considered cheaper than other modes of transport and are quite stable. Whether you leave at night or during the day, Monday or Saturday, the train ticket is still only one, rarely changes. In addition, if the audience buys children, students, soldiers or group tickets, they will get a discount if they travel by train. 2. Carry a lot of luggage

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Photo: Internet If you plan to travel for a long time or have to take a lot of luggage with you, the train is an extremely economical choice. When traveling by train, you can take up to 20 kg of luggage, a considerable number compared to traveling by plane. Accordingly, passengers are only allowed to take 7 kg for Economy Class and 14 kg for Business Class. Many airlines regulate the weight of passengers’ luggage before the flight, and you will have to pay an additional fee if the weight exceeds the limit. When you travel by train, you can be happy about the weight of your luggage and a lot of storage space. Also, you don’t have to worry about checking items or prohibited items in hand luggage like you would when traveling by air. This is a big plus for those who “hate” the noise. 3. Simple procedure

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Photo: Internet If you are tired of waiting for check-in procedures when traveling by plane or afraid of passengers in garages when traveling by bus, the train is the best choice for you. Arriving by train will make it more convenient for you to manage your time as the procedure is very simple. Before leaving, all you have to do is book tickets on the website to receive e-tickets by email or buy tickets directly at the station. On the day of departure, you only need to arrive 15-20 minutes earlier and comfortably wait for the train to depart without having to check in luggage. To board the train, all you have to do is show your ticket or QR code and ID card, then find the right train carriage, your seat/sleeper and enjoy the journey with peace of mind. 4. Security

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Photo: Internet Train is a fairly safe form of travel with a separate route. Unlike road traffic, trains lie neatly on solid tracks and follow a single route to their final destination, rarely colliding with other vehicles. Especially when traveling by train, all you have to do is get on the right train to be sure you’ll reach your destination. Also, railways and trains are regularly serviced, maintained and replaced if necessary, etc., so unexpected accidents rarely happen to participants of this mode of transport. 5. Enjoy the scenery

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Photo: Internet If you decide to travel by train, you will experience “slow travel”. Traveling by plane will save you more time, but you won’t get a chance to see the scenery. In return, the same goes – coming, when you travel by train, you can freely admire the change of scenery from one area to another, every time you change stations you come into contact with a new culture, a new chemistry. Miscellaneous. You can choose to stop at this station to explore or continue to other points of your journey instead of taking the 1-point route like you would on an airplane. Not only does the train go to more places, but it also travels through many beautiful routes, from driving through the forest to driving along the coast. Thanks to this, you can see a lot of beautiful scenes that certainly cannot be seen from airplanes. Travel will help you open your eyes and experience a lot of interesting things. An advantage of traveling by train is that passengers can travel comfortably in carriages to enjoy the scenery.

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