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Riot has long been one of the most recognizable names in gaming. It’s also why Riot’s games are all super products that are warmly embraced by players. Let’s explore the top 5 RIOT games with Innnewyorkcity VN today to see if there are any games worth playing!

League of Legends – Riot’s Golden Egg

When it comes to the game that made Riot a name in gaming industry history, it can only be attributed to League of Legends (LOL), also known as League of Legends in Vietnamese. The birth of League of Legends is still a dramatic story to this day due to the way Riot created this game and dirty marketing tricks or unfair competition between LOL and DotA or Dota 2.

This is also the beginning of years of endless battle between Dota 2 fans and LOL fans. Despite that, League of Legends itself is still a good and attractive game because if it wasn’t good enough, it wouldn’t have become one of the most played Riot games in the world. At the same time, League of Legends also offers continental and international tournaments with prize pools of up to millions of USD. The gameplay of LOL is not too complicated compared to other moba games. You simply kill soldiers, earn money, level up, buy equipment, fight opponents and finally destroy their main house to win. However, changing champions in the game requires you to know how to play, build and have a sensible coping strategy. This is also what makes League of Legends so appealing that players almost never get bored.

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League of Legends: Wild Rift – Same LOL but played on the phone

Real! Wild Rift is a version of LOL Mobile. To create this game, Riot has brought everything League of Legends has to the mobile platform.
League of Legends: Wild Rift – Same LOL but played on phone
It can be said that gameplay, champions and equipment in Wild Rift are no different from playing LOL on PC. However, Wild Rift brings many interesting experiences to many young people. Smooth experience and premium graphics are what you will easily feel while playing Wild Rift. In addition, Wild Rift players can enjoy this game anytime, anywhere with just a phone and WiFi. Convenience and accessibility quickly made League of Legends: Wild Rift one of Riot’s most popular mobile games.

Truth Arena – riot game for people who like to relax

When you feel tired after spending hours trying to assess the stress. When you feel like the whole world is against you. Now all you have to do is test your dignity with Tactical Arena game.
Truth Arena - riot game for people who like to relax
Inspired by Dota Auto Chess (Dota again), DTCL quickly won the hearts of chess fans in 2019 when the genre was extremely hot. DTCL can be said to be Riot’s second successful leap if it immediately pulls back the numbers of LoL players previously fascinated by Dota Auto Chess. Apparently, many loyal players are interested in using “homemade” products. Thanks to its own development team, DTCL is increasingly optimized for quality and has its own development direction, completely different from the direction of Auto Chess. Recently, Riot continued to launch the mobile version of TFT, from now on, playing chess with many champions will be faster and easier.

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Valorant – Riot’s game is considered by many people to be the perfect hybrid

Valorant is a first person shooter game developed by Riot from the generals in the LOL world.
Valorant - Riot game is called a perfect hybrid by many people
Valorant’s gameplay is the perfect combination of CS:GO’s pure 5v5 shooter style and Overwatch’s complex skill system. Of course, Valorant will also require a lot of reflexes, quick wits, logical thinking and a bit of luck not to be ahead of the enemy. Speaking of good, Valorant’s fun factor is almost undisputed. Despite only being released for a few months, this game has created a strong community and attracted many players to join. The number of League of Legends champions present in Valorant is still fairly limited. But we can believe that Valorant will be updated with many new champions and other interesting features.

Legend of Runterra – Riot’s card masterpiece

Legends of Runterra is another game by Riot inspired by League of Legends. In fact, most of Riot’s later games are based on the popularity of League of Legends.
Legends of Runterra - Riot's card masterpiece
As a card-based game, Legends of Runterra requires players to use numeracy, tactical thinking, creativity, and quick thinking to become the best. You can choose your champions and find ways to combine them to build the perfect deck to defeat your opponents.
Above are the 5 hottest Riot games right now. If you’ve ever been a fan of League of Legends, I’m sure Riot’s future games will bring you very familiar feelings. Innnewyorkcity VN hopes you choose the right time killer game.

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