5 secrets for the perfect spring 2021 trip

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in the past few years When it comes to the new year and spring, the trend of families going on spring trips is more and more. Travel is seen as an opportunity to connect with family and friendships. and make people feel good. To have a perfect trip, you need these 5 “secrets”.

1. The mood of a trip is largely determined by the duration of the trip.

Travel time determines the mood of more than 50% of people, as choosing the right timing allows you to capture the beauty of the world and its landscapes.

Spring from January to March It is the perfect time to see the scent of flowers in the air in Da Lat. and immerse yourself in the scenery of the mountains and forests of Sapa like you “put on a new shirt” Peach, apricot, pear … race to bloom If you want to have a romantic vacation by the beach but no less happy You can come to Hoi An – Da Nang or an ancient and dreamy city like Hue…

2021 My brother's 5 year old drawing for his 2nd birthday party.

2. Carrying compact, light, comfortable luggage is of paramount importance.

Travel Bag – Be Your Personal Travel Compan But carrying large luggage is a big obstacle. Therefore, you should consider the option of bringing a compact suitcase with all the necessary items for your trip.
In addition, cleverly arranging luggage is also a solution to save space and maximize your belongings.

2021 Drawing 5-year-old brother going to the festival 3

>>> Discover more detailed and convenient Phu Quoc travel experiences that you need to know to have a complete tour of the pearl island.

3. Experience a variety of travel styles with the “F5” trip

Nowadays, people often join resorts to experience the tourism service ecosystem. In addition to walking and sightseeing. Today’s tourists can experience more types of entertainment. Visitors can enjoy the largest amusement park in Vietnam and the leading theme park in Asia. When stopping at Vinpearl Nha Trang to relax in luxury resorts, restaurants, spas and more.

Image of brother going to Tet 2021 part 4My brother's 5 year old drawing in 2021 for his 5th birthday party.

4. Enjoy and discover local cuisine

The dish is often said to be the quintessence of a particular region or region. Do not miss the culinary discovery journey in the land you come to. Northern food is sweet, Central food is spicy, Southern food is sweet from sugar, Western food especially focuses on Mae Nam local food, etc.

The image of my 5-year-old brother 2021 celebrates his 60th birthday

5. Buy souvenirs and special items while traveling

Picture of my brother at his 5th birthday party in 2021.

When traveling, you want to buy souvenirs and special items for your loved ones, but one advice you should consider is to learn carefully about the products you intend to buy and be careful when buying. shop. Avoid “Screaming prices”, buy only truly one-of-a-kind items. and research the price before making a purchase decision

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