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Over the past few years Road travel has become a form of travel that many people dream of. Especially young people who like to explore independently and want to control their own schedule.

Yes traveled bags What are the pros and cons and how to travel alone effectively? The following article will give you self-sufficient travel experiences. This will allow those who believe in tourism to answer some of their questions. and make the journey more complete

1. What is sufficient tourism?

Independent tourism is a form of traveling alone or with many people. where participants create their own schedule, plan, time and place according to their own needs This is a free, convenient and unlimited form, so it is very popular with young people. Especially those who like to experience and explore.

Self-sufficient tourism is favored by young people because of its freedom, comfort and freedom.

A few years ago, independent travel was not very popular. fear here fear here Do not dare to go to a new land alone, afraid of taking many risks. like when Dan “foreigners” chose to go on a tour, but in recent years, with the development of technology and the ability to search for all kinds of information online. Self-sufficient tourism is increasingly popular and is the goal of many young people.

The appeal of this type of tourism is to go to unfamiliar places on your own, explore every nook and cranny, and have plenty of time. Even self-sufficient travel is not limited to Vietnam. But many people can travel abroad on their own. An internet-connected phone is required.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of self-sufficient travel

Although very comfortable, self-sufficient travel still has advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered before implementation.

Benefits of self-guided travel

The first benefit that many people think of when traveling independently is saving costs, plans, itineraries, meals, accommodation, etc. will help you compare this place with other places and find the perfect place. fit your needs.

In addition, self-guided travel also gives you free time to relax, go out at your own pace, visit shopping malls, explore every nook and cranny, take beautiful photos, and go shopping. Delicious eateries at your own pace, that’s all. locals know.

And above all, each self-sufficient journey brings new experiences. Self-study lessons Life experiences and especially unforgettable memories

5 things to remember when traveling

Each self-sufficient journey creates unforgettable memories.

Picture: Earl Joshua/Unsplash.

Cons of traveling alone

Self-planning ensures that you can go on your own. traveled bags Especially traveling abroad is very difficult. I don’t speak the language, I’m lost, I’m not used to public transport. And maybe I got hacked…

More Everything from booking airline tickets, finding accommodation, eating out. And the trip must be done without a guide. So if you are going to a new place or another country. You will certainly face many difficulties.

Are you traveling alone or with a tour?

above traveled bags When traveling on tour The people responsible for everything from food, accommodation, travel and even travel insurance stand out. There’s a lot of risk when you have to handle everything yourself. Just pack up and leave.

In the future, when you have accumulated enough, you can continue on your own. or if you are traveling with family If you have elderly parents or grandparents exploring on your own is not suitable And going on a tour is a wiser choice.

5 things to remember when traveling

Traveling alone can be dangerous. So avoid traveling with family members with elderly people. Stephen Lewis / Unsplash

Of course, tour travel also has many limitations such as having to stick to a specific schedule, limited time, not being able to explore the places you want if you don’t match the schedule.

However, you can overcome this problem by carefully researching the tours before booking and researching the information and places you want in the tour to see if it suits your needs or not.

3. 5 things to remember when traveling on your own

For those who decide to go traveled bags How can you travel efficiently, economically and create as many memories as possible?

Please choose a suitable location.

Factors such as weather should be considered before planning a trip, whether domestic or international, whether it is high season or not. Especially if they are going abroad. They should also check to see if the time of year is the right holiday for them or the culture of the place they are about to prepare for in advance.

5 things to remember when traveling

Each attraction has different characteristics depending on the time of year. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the photo first: Annie Sprat / Unsplash

Choose the right means of transportation

Once you’ve selected a location You’ll need to confirm your travel options to get there to save on unnecessary costs. If you travel by air You can book tickets in advance or hunt for cheap tickets to save costs. If you only want to go to nearby places in the country, you can choose to go by train, bus or nearby places. Traveling by motorbike is also a great way to save money.

Find a place to stay

Choosing where to live is also very important. And there are different accommodation options depending on the purpose of the trip. If you want to travel in a resort style, you should choose a resort with good services to relax. You can refer to the system of hotels and resorts Vinpearl Phu Quoc with many convenient services.

If you are leaving Spend the day on the road And your accommodation is just a place to sleep at night. You need to find a clean and safe place. Currently, there are many types of hostels. From high-end like resorts, hotels to affordable homestays, hostels or even homestays for people who are passionate about travel.

However, no matter how you choose to live, you should learn about the facilities, the location, and make sure the area is safe.

5 things to remember when traveling

Before booking a hotel, you should consult the related facilities and services in advance.

Itineraries and meals

One factor that determines the success of independent travel is the ability to plan your own itinerary. Find out in advance where there are good sights and where not to eat. and redo your list.

These are easy to find online based on reviews from people who have been there before. Or you can find tours and plan your own itinerary, maybe you will miss it and regret it.

prepare your stuff

even if you make progress traveled bags Even if you go with a tour You should pack appropriately during your trip. Consider bringing the most essential items: ID card. personal belongings Clothes…and especially don’t forget to bring some cash. many now Some places accept card payments, however, there are times when cash is required, such as when going to the market or buying street food.

It’s really not difficult to travel on your own, you just need to prepare your luggage and find out carefully before you hit the road. Accumulate a lot of experience And the trip is sure to be successful.

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