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Experts reveal these are the things to avoid when dining out at a restaurant.

consequences travel and entertainmentThere’s nothing quite like going to your favorite restaurant after a long week at work, whether it’s to celebrate or simply because you’re looking for the perfect meal. They go there to relax and be served. But don’t annoy the waiters by pretending you own the place. Would you like to eat well and still be a nice customer? Here are 7 things to avoid as accidental doing or repeating will annoy restaurant staff.

Don’t annoy the waiters by pretending you own the place. Photo: Getty.

Snapping Brian Nagele, chief executive officer of Restaurant Clicks, a digital marketing company in the food and beverage industry and owner of Philadelphia’s Kings Oak, said, “Respect the employees.” “In the hospitality industry, grasping is an insult. Employees often have to serve several tables and work in busy environments,” says Nagele. Instead, he suggests, a polite relationship with restaurant staff can be established by simply raising a hand or attempting to make eye contact. Comparing Food to Other Restaurants Each restaurant offers its own service, so customers should avoid comparing one place to another when speaking to restaurant staff. Andy Diep, sushi chef at Seminole Reef Grill said, “All restaurants and chefs are unique. It’s annoying when guests start off with ‘your sushi (or soup, fish or whatever) is similar at another restaurant’. As a chef, restaurant owner or waiter, they would think, why don’t you go there?

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Customers should avoid comparing themselves to other places when speaking to restaurant staff. Photo: Bloomberg.

Instead, Diep encourages customers to “expand their minds and palates with the restaurant’s flavor and cooking style, rather than emulating a meal they might find elsewhere.” “Personally, I like to chat with my guests to learn more about their taste preferences. I’ll customize the sushi especially for them,” he added. Accidental or unexpected physical contact with waiters Just as you don’t want to be touched by strangers, so do restaurant staff. “Not all people who work in hospitality are extroverts, they have a right to privacy. Don’t get too close to them and touch them on the table. Try again to communicate by saying ‘sorry’ to get their attention,” Nagele shares. Talking on the phone all day It’s fair to say that this makes both staff and other customers uncomfortable and you want to remind them that the Hang up the phone.”It’s more polite to put the phone away, keep it on low volume, or leave it in the car at a restaurant. Listen to necessary calls before you arrive or after you leave. If necessary, go outside to help.” to call.” Diep said. Sit at a dirty table. Even if you’re hungry, you should give your employees time to do their job – clear the table. “If you sit at an unprepared table, it puts pressure on employees to do that to refrain from what they are doing to notice you this is not always doable especially in relation to plus it makes things awkward because now you have to watch them clean up front some guests w might even start criticizing the waiter’s cleaning method,” said Nagele. Explain shifts or days when the restaurant is understaffed. If you don’t have a clean table temporarily, you should give the staff 5 minutes to prepare everything.

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You should give the staff 5 minutes to prepare everything. Photo: Mixture 106.

With temperature control by staff, weathermen can help you with many things, from fixing a rickety table, finding the perfect seat, or choosing the ideal meal. Just don’t get upset if they can’t control every aspect of the experience. Ashley Schuering, the blogger behind Confessions of a Grocery Addict, a restaurant worker with 20 years’ experience, says: “For example, if you’re sitting on the patio on a hot day, there’s nothing I can do about the heat. . I am happy to bring you a piece of paper that you can use as a fan, always give you more ice cream or whatever else I can. With some species, such as flies, you do so at your own risk. I also have a hard time raising the temperature when you wear a tank top in winter when everyone is layering. I can bring you a cup of hot water to warm your hands.” Absence This is the biggest mistake customers make in a restaurant: Not showing up. Tiff Meikle, restaurant manager and co-owner of Chicago’s Heritage & Caviar Bar, said, “There’s a trend these days for customers to make a lot of reservations on weekend nights. We even called it “reservation shopping.” This is a very unfavorable fact for our business. People don’t show up or cancel at the last minute, which negatively impacts the revenue stream as the weekend is the weekend. When we make money To mitigate this situation, we often have to warn guests to cancel reservations at least 24 hours in advance.” Meikle said it’s important for customers to understand how their actions may negatively impact their reservation, or at least give 24 hours notice , especially on busy weekends,” says Meikle.

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