7 Best Pastis Cocktail Recipes To Make

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Upcoming holidays include Thanksgiving dinner at your family’s home. It’s time to review the best Pastis cocktails for your friends and loved ones.

Pastis is a French aperitif flavored with anise. So it’s perfect as a fall cocktail or holiday cocktail.

in the instructions below. You’ll find seven delicious cocktail recipes, from Pastis Whiskey Sour and Classic Pastis Cocktail to French Pearl Cocktail and Marseille Mule.

Smooth and sweet, this cocktail is sure to be a party favourite.

Ready to learn about the best Pastis cocktails? Then see below! Don’t forget to mark your favorites!

The classic Pastis cocktail uses two liqueurs that taste similar to absinthe.

You will need to add at least 1 ounce of Pastis to the glass. Then add 4-6 ounces of mineral water. The drink turns pale yellow.

The classic Pastis cocktail was first invented in 1930 in France.

You will enjoy the sweet taste of the drink while reading a good book. or sip on your porch.

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Mauresque Cocktail includes the following ingredients: Pastis liqueur, orgeat, ice and cold water.

You’ll love ordering a drink while on vacation in France.

Or you could make a delicious Mediterranean meal for dinner with a Mauresque cocktail.

The unique taste of the cocktail is sure to please anyone at the dinner party.

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Pastis Whiskey Sour drinks are the perfect addition to any summer pool party.

The cocktail comes with a Maraschino cherry garnish and a slice of lemon.

The sour taste and aroma of licorice create a unique flavor that not everyone likes. You can sip it in the sunset in your backyard.

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The Pastisito Cocktail is a fun and fancy drink that comes with a slice of lemon and fresh mint.

Other cocktail ingredients include La Mauny Rum Blanc, lime juice, sweet syrup and sugar, soda water and Pastis Henri Bardouin.

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Marseille Mule Cocktail has a unique sour taste from lemon and ginger beer.

The classic drink includes ingredients like four slices of lemon, ginger ale, fresh Ricard, and ice cubes.

Foodies will love the Marseille Mule cocktail.

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The French pearl cocktail is a relatively new drink in the industry.

It was first produced in 2006 at the Pegu Club in New York City.

Drinks with a hint of brandy from the late 1800s in France.

While lemon juice gives a slightly sour taste. The syrup contrasts that flavor with zest.

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Cocktail les Niçois has a fresh and sweet taste.

The preparation contains Ricard alcohol. Peach syrup, orange juice and lime juice

Don’t forget to add ice cubes to the mix.

You can sip it on Sunday morning brunch in your backyard or at a great restaurant.

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final thought

What is your favorite Pastis cocktail from the list above?

Pick up some of the best Pastis cocktails to enjoy during the holidays. Your whole family will love sipping these cocktails at your dinner party.

Check out other unique cocktails, from mezcal cocktails to Pimm’s cocktails.

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