7 Best Vegetarian Cheeses to Try

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Have you ever tried switching to a meat-free and dairy-free diet? Or maybe you want to add “Meatless Monday” to your weekly menu?

There are plenty of reasons to change things up. Cutting down on animal foods will improve your health. Add variety to your diet. and add your color palette

Unfortunately, giving up cheese can be a challenge for those of us who enjoy pizza or ranch from time to time. Many store-bought substitutes are not the same.

So if you are still looking for a perfect alternative to your nachos or ravioli. you are lucky

Check out seven valuable dairy-free cheese substitutes on your weekly menu.

Cheese substitute

If you’re cutting out dairy products, try these dairy-free cheese alternatives.

cashew cheese

A few years ago, I had a cashew butter covered granola bar.

No wonder it’s so delicious. So when I found out that cheese was an option, I knew it would be the winner.

Cashews are not only delicious; It’s also a great source of minerals and has the perfect texture for toppings, spreads, and sauces.

The best part is how easy it is to make cashew cheese. You can make high-protein cashew cheese in your kitchen with nutritional yeast, water, and seasonings. and agar powder if you want the cheese to solidify.

The end result will be cubes that can be sliced ​​for your charcuterie crust or crumbs for your crackers.

Of course, if you are allergic to most nuts. Cashew cheese and other options Made with nuts may not be safe for you.

Daiya Cheese

I took a Daiya cheese coupon a while ago. At first I didn’t believe it. But I learned a quick lesson.

This plant-based cheese substitute is great for making dips, sauces, and anything else that requires smooth, melted cheese.

Daiya has cutlets, cubes and sauces, so I have become a hot dish for cheese.

Chickpeas, potato starch and coconut oil are some of the ingredients that make up daiya ice cream.

It’s also basically hypoallergenic. Therefore, it is suitable for people with food allergies or severe allergies.

It is important to know that Daiya cheese is often high in sodium. So try something else if you want to use cheese as a low-sodium substitute.

kite hill cheese

Like Daiya, Kite Hill offers a variety of hard cheeses and non-dairy creamers.

The most significant difference is that Kite Hill cheese is made with almonds instead of chickpeas or other botanicals.

Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to skip this step if you have a nut allergy.

I love kite hills to enjoy dipping sauces and cheeses. But their ravioli ricotta and spinach are also particularly delicious.

However, one of the things I love about this company is its kid-approved cheeses. So, for those parents who are picky about a meat-free diet, be sure to check out Kite Hill.

almond cheese

Almonds are no longer just macaroons, milk and macarons. These nutrient-rich nuts are one of the best dairy-free cheese substitutes available.

I buy almond cheese from the local grocery store. But if you feel adventurous, you can use a homemade mixer.

Almonds are great for cheese spreads, feta substitutes (my favorite) and even ricotta. Its mild flavor makes it easy to adjust the seasons to suit all tastes.

Remember to soak the almonds overnight if you plan to make your own cheese. because it will be quite dry

Zucchini Cheese

If you eat a plant-based diet, you’ll definitely want to try zucchini as an alternative to pasta and desserts.

Versatile and perfect for both savory and sweet dishes but most importantly This cheese makes a great snack and is packed with essential nutrients.

Zucchini cheese is easy to make and goes well with specialized diets like the Paleo, AIP and GAPS diets.

Just steam the zucchini and mash them with coconut oil, lemon juice, gelatin and other seasonings. that you want Put in the refrigerator for two hours. And you’re ready to start snacking.

cheese tofu

Another cheese you can try is curd cheese. Although tofu can be a challenge for novices, with the right type of tofu, you can make delicious soy cheese.

Due to its texture Tofu is best for dishes that require shredded cheese, such as feta, ricotta or paneer.

What I like most about tofu is that it’s a bit like a sponge when it comes to absorbing the flavors of everything around. making it extremely flexible.

It’s also great for non-dairy mozzarella sticks. Pay attention to choose firm tofu and squeeze well before using.

nutritional yeast

Nutritional yeast, or “Nuch,” is a fragile ingredient that’s great for cream cheese recipes.

Nooch is a versatile cooking tool. It has a mild umami flavor, perfect for savory dishes.

Nooch’s natural flavor has the spiciness you’d expect from cheese. Although it looks like cornflakes. But when combined with a liquid like coconut milk, you get a delicious, protein-rich cheese sauce.

You can also sprinkle it on salads, popcorn, and pasta instead of Parmesan cheese.

Cheese substitute

  1. cashew cheese
  2. Daiya Cheese
  3. kite hill cheese
  4. almond cheese
  5. Zucchini Cheese
  6. cheese tofu
  7. nutritional yeast

final thought

Switching to a meat-free diet is easy for some people and harder for others.

Luckily, you don’t have to give up your favorite cheese when switching. Because you have so many cheese substitutes to choose from.

Personally, my favorite is Daiya, but each option here should give you exactly what you want. Check out these meat substitutes for a complete vegetarian meal!

If you’re okay with dairy but don’t like gluten, consider purchasing some gluten-free brands of parmesan.

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