7 Cheap Restaurants in Singapore that are always crowded

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In a country as expensive as Singapore, finding a cheap food court Not easy. But don’t worry. dulich9.com will make it easier for you to find 7 Cheap Restaurants in Singapore without wasting time or effort

7 delicious and cheap restaurants in Singapore

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Golden Mile Culinary Center

Centrally located at 50 Beast Street, this Golden Mile is very famous for its Thai food. Malay and Indian Especially, the price of food here is very gentle. On average, you only pay about 3-7 SGD per dish.

In addition, when you come to Golden Mile food court, you must come to enjoy the menu. Definitely “red marrow” Sup tulang. Call it the Golden Mile Cheap food in Singapore Selling this is delicious.

Maxwell Food Center

Cheapest restaurant in Singapore

Maxwell Food Center is located at 1 Kadayanallur Road. The most famous cheap restaurant in Singapore.. Here is a list of delicious restaurants. Hundreds of nutritious, cheap, simple and easy dishes. This “expensive country”

When you come to Maxwell, you’ll want to enjoy Hainanese Chicken Rice 3-4 SGD at Tian Tian.

Katong . District

Cheap food courts attract the most tourists in Singapore.

Katong is an old Peranakan city in Singapore. In particular, this is also the meeting place of the Chinese and the Malays. The district’s most famous delicacy is lasca soup. And the place to eat delicious Laska soup that suits your taste 4SGD is 328 Katong Laska (51 East Coast Road, near Grand Mercure Hotel).

You can also enjoy other traditional Singaporean dishes. with quite soft price, average 4 – 8 SGD / dish, like Otak otak, steamed fish with banana leaves, Lemak rice…

Chinatown Food Court

Chinatown, the most diverse cheap dining area in Singapore.

Located on Smith Street Chinatown Complex Food Court Cheapest restaurant in SingaporeYou can immerse yourself in the world of street food and typical Singaporean snacks without worrying about the price.

Sate Bee Hoon, a traditional Singaporean dish, is a must at Chinatown Complex Food Court. This service only costs about 2.7SGD. Very cheap isn’t it?

Zion River Culinary Center

Cheap outdoor dining areas that you should visit in Singapore.

70 Zion Street is the “residential area” of Cheap outdoor food court in SingaporeNot only does it have a lot of food at great prices, but Zion Riverside also has a great view. You can enjoy both traditional and rare Singaporean dishes while sightseeing at this outdoor food court.

Go to Gin Hai Seafood Restaurant to enjoy delicious chili crab for about 5-7 SGD.

Makansutra Gluttons Bay Food Court

Interesting cheap food court that you should visit when traveling to Singapore.

Located at 8 Raffe Avenue, Makansutra Gluttons Bay is The smallest and newest cheap restaurant in Singapore.This place has a total of 12 food stalls, but it offers a lot of traditional and modern dishes with strong Singaporean flavors. Especially the satay grilled skewers, grilled with ingredients from pork, beef, sheep, chicken, duck, shrimp, … are the “specialties” of the center.

Andhra curry

Cheap food in Singapore

Andhra Curry, located east of Orchard Road, is known as Little India. This place concentrates many restaurants, eateries, aromatherapy shops, … with extremely cheap prices. Eat mainstream and vegetarian at this cheap eatery in Singapore. Starting from only 7 SGD

Andhra Curry’s signature dishes include Hyderabadi Biryani, Mysore Lamb cooked with bell peppers and coriander, and Pulusu (fish head curry).

Singaporean food is very diverse and rich. In addition to food 7. Cheap food in Singapore You can find more information here. delicious food in singapore In dulich9.com. Wish you have a happy trip to Singapore. cheap and economical nutrition

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