7 Great Chipotle Dishes To Use When Ordering

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There’s nothing like going to Chipotle for a great meal.

Although Chipotle offers prepackaged meals, there are ways to increase the amount of food you get at Chipotle.

This article offers our best tips to make sure you make the most money at Chipotle.

If you do not use these tricks, we regret to inform you that you did not create Chippotle properly.

Chipotle menu hack

Improve your order of favorite Chipotle with these menu tips!

Order half and half beef

The Chipotle employee preparing your food may be working on autopilot. They only scoop when you mention what you want on your burrito or bowl.

If you want steak They will offer you steak; They scoop it up from the pile of steaks and put it on top of your main dish. like a chicken

However, if you ask if you can eat both chicken and steak, the Chipotle staff will usually offer you an extra-large portion of beef or even two.

Working at Chipotle means working in a rapidly changing environment. No one has time to meticulously measure and make sure that half of your meat is half of what you normally take.

And even if they notice that you take a little more meat than you need. But when it’s on disk it’s actually fine.

both types of beans

When you get to Chipotle’s beans section, they’ll ask you if you prefer black beans or pinto. You can claim both at no extra cost.

However, this practice is the key to getting the most out of your money.

If you want to get the best profit you have to calculate your response time accordingly. When the staff asks about your needs Ask for only one option. “Give me some black beans.”

When they put the black beans on your plate. You turn around and say, “Can I have pinto beans, please?”

They may offer small amounts of pinto beans. But that’s okay because you already have black beans of all sizes.

more rice please

You can apply the principles in tip one and tip two to get more rice on your plate.

However, you don’t have to put in that much effort. Rice is a cheap and readily available additive, and Chipotle knows it. That’s why Chipotle doesn’t charge extra for the meal.

In other words, some stores may have different policies on whether to charge extra for rice.

Usually, the salesperson will tell you that if you scoop more rice, you will have to pay more at the location.

However, if you want to be sure, you should ask the waiter before adding rice to your bowl.

Take advantage of gift card promotions.

You probably already know that Chipotle offers gift cards that customers can buy and give to friends, family, and co-workers.

You can purchase these gift cards in-store or electronically through the Chipotle website.

However, did you know that in order to promote more business, Chipotle often offers incentives and discounts when buying gift cards with a certain amount?

Terms change from time to time. At the time of this writing, Chipotle is offering a free Bogo coupon with any $40 gift card purchase.

Order a bowl and get more.

in general You will get more food if you ask for a burrito bowl instead of a burrito.

Chipotle’s burrito bowl is wide and the dome-shaped lid is quite tall. So there’s plenty of space to work in that bowl.

Plus, staff won’t have to worry about packing everything you need inside a neatly organized and tucked away burrito. So they don’t worry when you ask for more.

Just make sure to use chippot hacks best practices and claim more after they take your first portion.

If you really want a tortilla, you can order it on the side and roll your own burrito later!

double wrap

If you’re looking for a giant burrito and don’t want a big bowl of burrito, this is the place to go. You may want to try the double pack burrito.

Wrapping the burrito twice will give 80% more filling than a one-time pack.

Claiming a double burrito is a great way to get all the extras and goodies you’ll get on your burrito without the ultimate blast.

Don’t ask for a double of anything until the first scoop is added.

You’ve seen the mention of disposables over and over again in this article because it’s important. Don’t ask for a double of anything until they add your first scoop.

Chipotle fully guarantees that they don’t charge for adding some toppings. However, sometimes employees subconsciously scoop less when they know you need two scoops.

Maybe they found it to be too much food. Or maybe they’re trying to maintain the structural integrity of your meal.

for whatever reason You can skip the employee’s scoop by waiting until you get your first scoop before asking for more.

Chipotle menu hack

  1. Order half and half beef
  2. both types of beans
  3. more rice please
  4. Take advantage of gift card promotions.
  5. Order a bowl and get more.
  6. double wrap
  7. Don’t ask for anything to double until after the first round.

final thought

Really delicious! Now that you know our best tips for getting the most out of your meal at Chipotle, you need a Bon Appetit to finish off your monster-sized Chipotle meal!

If you have any additional suggestions at Chipotle, feel free to include them in the comments section below.

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