9 best flavored whiskeys to try in 2022

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America’s Favorite Classic Whiskey There’s nothing better than good whiskey.

Some connoisseurs prefer to sip straight. Taking into account the complexities of the aging process and the natural textures, mellow, spicy or sweet, there are many basic whiskeys to choose from.

However, others want a little more.

Whiskey blended with attractive or sweet notes will elevate the wine glass to become more interesting. and is often palatable to new drinkers. Although some may contain too much sugar. But it’s easy to pair with a mixer for the perfect balance.

Read on to discover our list of the best flavored whiskeys. You never know when you’ll find your new favorite!

best whiskey

This group ranks whiskeys by taste, coating, complexity, style and value, many of which are sweet. but some add spiciness for that special taste.

Nob Creek Smoked Maple Leaves

Looking for an after-dinner whiskey on a hot summer evening? Look no further.

Nob Creek doesn’t mess with their condiments. Presents a complex blend incorporating a smoky vibe.

I find this a bit too sweet. I recommend lightening the color with a few ice cubes or cutting with water. Unless you want the full dessert experience.

The intense flavor doesn’t need anything to be outdone. So don’t spread it from other mixers.

Although the main incense is the scent of the maple tree. But there’s a hint of vanilla and caramel for a well-rounded dessert. Oh — and don’t miss the color! I could look at this amber beauty all night long.

Crown Royal Canada Vanilla Whiskey

Crown Royal’s renowned softness takes on a new style with the addition of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.

This whiskey is, in my opinion, the boldest of the Crown Royal blends, as the vanilla is sensual but not overpowering.

The texture of Vanilla Whiskey is thick, so it can be diluted a bit if that’s not your taste.

in terms of taste It’s sweet on its own but can also withstand mixers like citrus soft drinks. Peach schnapps or other fruit juices If you don’t mind deviating from classic cocktail recipes, try Vanilla Old Fashioned.

In addition to vanilla There are strong scents of butterscotch and crème brulee. This makes this whiskey an ideal dessert. There is also a delicious oak flavor that lingers after a sip.

Dewar’s Highland Honey

Originated in Scotland This sweet has citrus and caramel flavors along with main honey flavors.

It is light and docile on the tongue. But interesting enough to pique my interest.

If it’s a bit of an artificial whiskey and lacks the depth of other sweet whiskeys, that’s exactly what makes it drinkable.

This is a great option for beginners. Just like any other great mixer with flavors. That might be too much for a stronger whiskey.

With a rich flavor of honey and a hint of cinnamon. Dewar’s Highlander Honey makes Hot Toddy cozy

Check out other honey whiskeys you’ll love.

George Dickel Tabasco End of the barrel

Want the novelty of Tennessee whiskey? Place three-year-old Tabasco peppers in a barrel and let them absorb the heat for 30 days.

Tabasco sauce is then added directly to the mix to get a spicy finish.

The wine is filtered through maple charcoal to create a sweet smoky combination. Then the pepper sauce adds another level of dynamism.

I myself am a gentler woman. So this is not my first choice for flavored whiskey.

But when shooting It was an enjoyable experience. As long as you don’t mind feeling like someone is kicking you in the mouth.

Jim Beam Bourbon Kentucky Fire Whiskey

For someone (ahem, me) who prefers more subtle spice, Jim Beam offers an alternative to the Tabasco options above.

There’s more complexity here, with a deliberate smoky, sweet, and smoky blend.

The balance is impressive. and the uses are varied Because it works well with a sip as well as when taken orally.

The main flavor of Kentucky Fire is more cinnamon spice than pepper.

This gives the breath a warmer, sweeter, and more mellow flavor. Perfect for those late fall nights where you want a strong personality in your whiskey glass.

Check out other Cinnamon Whiskeys if you like this one.

Bird Dog Peanut Butter

Any peanut butter whiskey has to compete with that flavor creator, Skrewball.

However, Bird Dog allows them to make money with a slightly less powerful combination and is easier for beginners.

The sweetness is there without becoming sugar and goes well with the caramel and vanilla flavors.

This peanut butter whiskey is a lazy summer drink—even better if you add raspberry or banana liqueur. Or sip along with BLT bread, the possibilities for mixing don’t end here.

above all This brand and taste is accessible to all drinkers. So leave it on your shelf for entertainers who might not like whiskey right away.

Jameson Orange Whiskey

This citrus treat has a pungent aroma and clean taste. offer both

Jameson creates a wonderfully eclectic personality that goes well with lemonade. But you can sip alone.

I find Orange too strong for “real” whiskey drinkers, the website even calls the whiskey section undertones!

It’s perhaps most useful to those trying to get away from vodka-soda or a fruit mixer than it appeals to seasoned whiskey aficionados.

However, if you are looking for something new, you should experience the master blending process.

Crown Royal Peach Whiskey

Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey tops the list again with a peach flavored whiskey.

I love the fruity sweetness combined with the oak whiskey notes, and the Crown Royal Peach is a great flavor combination. Made with real Georgia peaches hence no artificial peach flavors

You can sip this whiskey directly or mix it with lemonade for a refreshing summer drink.

There are so many whiskey cocktails you can mix with this peach whiskey!

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

Another peanut butter whiskey on the list, Skrewball offers a plethora of unique flavors.

If you haven’t tried the peanut butter whiskey yet. This is a sign that you should give it a try. This bottle has a sweet, slightly salty taste. But it’s as mellow as your favorite brand of whiskey.

I think you should try Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey first, but there are also a lot of creative cocktail ideas you can make.

best whiskey

  1. Nob Creek Smoked Maple Leaves
  2. Crown Royal Canada Vanilla Whiskey
  3. Dewar’s Highland Honey
  4. George Dickel Tabasco End of the barrel
  5. Jim Beam Bourbon Kentucky Fire Whiskey
  6. Bird Dog Peanut Butter
  7. Jameson Orange Whiskey
  8. Crown Royal Peach Whiskey
  9. Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

final thought

Traditional whiskey does not need additives to attract drinkers. But even we, the extremists, sometimes like to explore other flavors.

Why not level it up with a bolder twist? Instead of diluting or mixing with other liquids Try these best whiskeys to suit all tastes.

as well as affordable wine. The options on the market are seemingly limitless. Whether it’s bright and citrusy or warm and mellow. There’s something for everyone who wants to try a new perspective on their favorite whiskey.

Pour into a glass and have an ice tray ready. and enjoy!

Check out the whiskey cocktails you can make with flavored whiskey or standard whiskey!

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