9 delicious meats to put on pizza

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Young people and adults both love pizza. How could you not like it? With creative options and classic fast food. There’s something for everyone when it comes to pizza.

There are more and more options on the market every day. including gluten-free pizza and dairy-free cheese.

If you are trying to make a perfect pizza at home. One way to spice up your meal is to add meat. This is the best meat to put on pizza.

Some are classic options. While some may not be your first idea of ​​a topping, some certainly aren’t.

meat for pizza

Check out these delicious meat options for your next pizza!

Smoked salt pork

Fatty, crunchy, and salty bacon has many of the qualities that make it a great pizza.

Meat pairs well with other meats or works on its own. Its spicy flavor also goes well with sweeter ingredients like figs and balsamic vinegar.

What makes bacon so great is its versatility!

One of my favorite ways to enjoy bacon on pizza is to use extra virgin olive oil with bacon, herbs, and olives.

Smoked sausage

We can’t talk about the best meat for pizza without mentioning the classic pizza topping, pepperoni.

The meat coating adds a bit of spice to the pizza and is a great place to start if you like sizzling pizza.

Due to the pepperoni’s heat, I always love to use this meat on classic pies with a sweet tomato sauce for a little extra spice.


The perfectly seasoned sausage will add extra spice to your pizza.

like bacon Sausage has many uses. There is also a variety of sausages to choose from with unlimited pork!

The sweet and spicy chicken apple sausage has become one of my favorites. Especially when combined with spinach on pizza.


If you are using BBQ sauce instead of marinara sauce Chicken is one of the best meats to add to pizza.

Chicken and BBQ is one of my favorite combinations. Chicken has a mildly sweet taste so it can be used in many dishes.

Whether your pizza is topped with Mediterranean herbs and vegetables or topped with hot sauce Chicken is a great choice with less fat than other options.


Whether you buy it fresh or use leftovers from last night’s spaghetti. Meatballs are another popular choice for pizza.

Most meatballs go well with pizza because they are often used in dishes with similar flavors.

If your meatball is large, try cutting it in half to keep your pie from getting heavy.


Prosciutto is a salted pork product that is thinly sliced ​​to add a slightly spicy sweetness to the pizza.

Another ingredient with plenty of versatility, prosciutto comes with both savory and sweet toppings.

If you decide to use this meat in your cake. Try a different sauce than the traditional marinara sauce. can overwhelm the delicate flavor of prosciutto.


If you can’t find prosciutto, ham is the next best option. That’s not to say that greed has no merit!

Like prosciutto, ham is sweet and savory. But the taste will be fresher. and so are the products.

The ham has another rich flavor, making it my favorite choice for adding other richer-flavored ingredients like pineapple to pizza.


An option that is often overlooked. Seafood goes well with a variety of pizzas. Especially the shrimp has a mild flavor.

One of my favorite combinations is the shrimp pizza and pesto sauce. But this is not the only option.

Various types of fish and even squid are becoming popular pizza toppings. Clams are another great option for a truly unique pizza.

Italian sausage

Another classic pizza ingredient is the Italian sausage. Offers another way to spice up your pizza.

Salty meat goes well with almost any type of pizza. Add a little heat depending on the variety.

Thinly sliced ​​beef Grind to small pieces before storing food. This makes meat and fat a good combination.

Sausage tends to be a bit fatty, so I like to pair it with fresh veggies and herbs for contrast.

meat for pizza

  1. Smoked salt pork
  2. Smoked sausage
  3. sausage
  4. Chicken
  5. meatball
  6. Prosciutto
  7. ham
  8. Seafood
  9. Italian sausage

final thought

Hope you’ve been inspired by our list of the best meats to add to your pizza. But don’t let it limit your creativity. Almost anything goes well with pizza with the right ingredients!

If something is not on the list to your taste. Find the right topping for you and let us know in the comments section below!

If you don’t eat meat Check out some of the best vegan pizzas you can find in America!

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