9 fall cocktails to drink this fall

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As the days get shorter and the leaves begin to fall off the tree. Fall brings flavors of apple, cinnamon, pear and other warm spices.

These flavors are perfect for dessert. But there’s nothing like an autumn-themed cocktail to get you in the mood for the chilly weather and the upcoming winter holidays.

Gin is one of the best wines to pair with fall flavors. Due to the citrus taste and a bit of spice and herbs.

With that in mind, here are some of the best fall gin cocktails you should try during the beautiful fall season.

A spicy pear and gin cocktail is the perfect drink to warm up on a cold day.

Spicy pear wine pairs perfectly with bitter cardamom, adding a dash of pepper.

Then the gin arrives and adds a slight lemon flavor. Make a good base to go with lemonade. I like the fruit of this drink.

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The Gin Apple Pie Cocktail is the heart of fall thanks to this gin blend. Delicious cider and simple cinnamon syrup

It is actually apple pie in beverage form. And this cocktail is quite addictive. Cider adds a pleasant sweetness.

Don’t forget to dip the rim of the glass in cinnamon sugar for a homemade apple pie flavor. This is one of my favorite drinks.

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Fall Gin Fizz is a great addition to your meal as it is so refreshing with natural and homemade ingredients.

Blends the citrus flavors of gin with apple syrup and cider.

The taste is similar to cider to me. But there’s a little extra sweetness from the sugar in the syrup.

The carbonate makes it a great drink to sip with your meal.

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Pear gin has a slightly sour taste due to dry gin and lime juice.

However, the sage, pear, and sugar add sweetness to the homemade syrup.

The mild aroma and herbaceous character of sage goes well with the sweet and sour taste of pears. makes the drink refreshing I like to enjoy this drink with an extra slice of lemon.

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cider Ginger beer and gin bring a cozy feeling in a glass of cider.

Ginger beer is a non-alcoholic beverage. There is a strong taste of fresh ginger that balances the sweetness of the cider.

I will explain sweet and spicy drinks.

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Pear Cinnamon Gin reminds me of baked pears stewed in the oven. But it is a cool drink.

Gin and fresh pear juice are the stars of the show. while cinnamon adds a delicious spicy flavor to the finish.

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If you prefer oranges to pears and apples, then Falgin Sour is for you.

The drink combines orange liqueur and lemonade with gin to create a sour face.

However, marmalade (a jelly-like spread with water, sugar, orange and lemon) appears to impart a bright sweetness to your taste buds.

I think this cocktail is the perfect combination of sour and sweet.

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Sangria is my favorite drink. So turning it into a fall-themed cocktail won my heart.

This relaxing sangria combines three spirits with cinnamon syrup.

Refreshing foaming soda water. while slices of fresh fruit and cinnamon sticks add flavor to the drink. I love drinking this cocktail with a charcuterie board.

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Cider and gin make great homemade cocktails. but may have a slightly appetizing taste

However, this apple and cinnamon gin cocktail is replaced with about an ounce of sweet cinnamon syrup per drink.

It also has twice as much cider as gin. Therefore, it is a good choice for those who do not like the taste of alcohol.

It’s like drinking sweet cinnamon apple cider with a hint of alcohol. I think it’s the perfect cocktail to serve at an autumn party.

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final thought

I love a good gin cocktail. And these fall flavors are the perfect complement to this season.

If gin isn’t your drink of choice, try a tequila cocktail for fall or a fall cocktail made with vodka!

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