9 travel tips to help seniors stay healthy and happy

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Elderly travel brings joy, relaxation and helps seniors live healthier lives. That’s why slow tours for the elderly are designed by tour operators.

Travel for the elderly who have to travel far, exercise regularly With the following 9 “golden” tips and experiences, you can help the elderly to travel and relax to stay healthy and enjoy their happiness to the fullest. happiness.

1. Health check before traveling

This ensures that your loved ones are healthy enough to experience the joys of travel. especially as we get older our grandparents and parents may have more health problems. weak bones and joints and may require regular exercise and health check

This is even more important when traveling abroad with grandparents or parents If you are 75 years of age or older, we recommend that you bring a medical certificate.

2. Choose a suitable travel time for the elderly.

Choosing the right time is an important consideration for seniors to travel. as it will greatly affect the overall travel experience.

whether traveling domestically or internationally The climate varies from region to region. So, please research carefully about the weather conditions where you plan to go and the health of your parents and grandparents to make the most suitable choice.

for the elderly Should limit movement when too cold or too hot. Sudden weather changes can cause a number of health problems. Especially those with blood pressure, heart or bone problems.


Keeping your Hoi An experience in your pocket will make your trip to this land as complete and memorable as possible.

3. Travel plans of the elderly should be careful.

Elderly people will not be able to participate in vigorous exercise trips. and a tight work schedule Holiday orientation for the whole family with integrated service facilities so that each family member has their own tailored activities.

Vinpearl Resort “All in One” It will be an ideal choice that you must refer to when learning. elderly resortfor resort needs All your dining, relaxation and entertainment vacations in a very comfortable community.

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Phu Quoc

add Doa, Slow tour for the elderly The following groups are very popular. Travel agencies design tours that are not too crowded. Act slowly and calmly, taking the weather into account.

4. A companion is required.

Elderly people need someone to accompany them when they go on vacation or travel. Of course, the desire of grandparents and close friends to accompany their grandchildren. If your child or grandchild is unable to join the tour Please provide your guide’s phone number so we can contact you regularly to keep you informed of situations or emergencies

Elderly people traveling with their children

5. Note about the food menu during the trip

Age often accompanies various diseases. Ignoring what you eat can exacerbate existing health problems like allergies and dietary requirements for diabetics, heart disease, etc.

Elderly people should limit greasy, spicy and spicy foods and should eat simply. Add vegetables instead

6. Be careful when traveling by plane or train.

Sitting on a train or plane for a long time will make the body tired easily. So, before you leave, you can remind your grandparents and parents to eat frugally and limit alcohol.

During the movement The elderly can stand and walk. Stretch and move limbs and rotate joints to loosen tendons if allowed

old people on the plane

7. Points to note when booking a hotel room

Try to find a room on the ground floor for ease of movement. Even if your hotel has an elevator You should consider limiting your grandparents’ travel time, especially as they get older. You can walk 1-2 stairs to exercise instead of taking the elevator.

A few tips on booking: you should Hunting combos Special Vouchers for hotels and resorts You can save a lot of money traveling in no time!

8. Put your luggage in order.

When traveling for the elderly Don’t use the idea that “The more the merrier.” Carrying too much luggage can hinder your movement and can strain your muscles and bones.

All you need to do is bring the necessary items such as clothes, medicine and basic personal items for grandparents and parents.

suitcase for the elderly to travel

9. Buy travel insurance for the elderly

Older adults are more likely to take unexpected risks while traveling than younger people. So buying insurance is an important thing you should consider.

You can choose the right package based on your family’s financial ability and needs. If you bought a tour through a travel agent Do not forget to clarify with the company. This price usually includes insurance.

We hope the above 9 travel tips for seniors will help make your family’s trip safe, fun, and memorable. Booking Vinpearl, you will experience a perfect resort trip, suitable for the elderly. friend!

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