9 Ways to Choose Wine for Every Party

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Expert serving and tasting Our sommeliers’ experienced wine selection criteria will ensure you a perfect party.

Work choose a party wine They can get overwhelmed or forgotten for a variety of reasons, such as focusing on food and forgetting about drinks, or focusing too much on price or brand without paying attention to the combination of alcohol and food. menu.

Here are nine suggestions that will make your friends and guests appreciate your fine wine selection.

You can choose a good wine, but is it still expensive?

Also consider investing in dozens of Opus Ones if the number of guests is too large or the size and nature of the party, especially the audience of the party. Why not consider a high quality wine?

Spanish, Chilean or Italian wines are generally more affordable. But the host can guarantee the quality and taste.

If you want to choose a French wine, research wines from famous regions. Not directly from the Great Castle Neighboring territories may have a similar taste. But the taste may not be as good as the big manufacturers.

For example, the Pauillac wine region in France is famous for its Chateau Latour, Chateau Lafite Rothschild and Chateau Mouton Rothschild.

Choose from a wide range of wines to suit your palate.

Dried soy sauce can be tempting. But not everyone in your party will like it. Wide selection of wines Style doesn’t just make everyone happy. It also shows care and respect for your party guests.

You can drink plenty of white and red wine for your party. Among these wines are Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Rosé Rosé and many more red wines to choose from. As an aperitif, sparkling Prosecco is not a good idea. Don’t bring sweet wine.

Paying large sums for the main booze at your party will leave you impressed with the value of the bottle.

There are many types of wine on display at the party. But the most impressive is certainly the wines presented in the main banquet.

For an afternoon tea party Choose a sparkling wine to match your tea cake. For a French brunch, a bottle of Bollinger or Champagne Veuve Clicquot will help.

Whether it’s lunch or dinner Wine gives you the flexibility to choose the right wine for your party. White wine to accompany seafood dishes and red wine to accompany meat dishes You can look for reputable producers and good wines, such as for French Puillac, 2000, 2000. 2003, 2005, 2009, 2010 and 2016 were the best seasons and the highest grape production in 20 years.

Pictures on how to choose wine for all of you.

New pick: Roses, why?

Especially during summer parties. The freshness of the wine sets the mood. This is a natural sign of white wine. But today Rose is also the favorite flower of many people. In addition, rosé wines often have a sweet, easy-drinking taste.

Start with Provence rosé, such as Côtes de Provence.

Champagne isn’t the only sparkling wine option.

Champagne is the name of a sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France. besides Sparkling Wines from different countries Whether it’s Napa Sparkling, M or Italian Prosecco, you can taste and decide for yourself. These options can be more affordable and satisfying than the famous champagne. But the taste is still worth considering.

Brut Rosé is recommended if you like sweet sparkling wines.

Pictures on how to choose wine for all of you.

Don’t offer champagne with dessert.

At first glance Champagne is quite sweet for dessert. But that doesn’t mean they’re good alternatives to cakes to end the party. It will taste sour in your mouth.

5 types of dessert wines are often used in parties such as:

Sweet red wines: Dulce, Mourvèdre
– Slightly sweet white wines: Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Moscatel.
– Sweet White Wine: Ice Wine, Southern, Late Harvest
– Sparkling: Moscato Dusty, Rose
– Fortified wines: port, muscat, sherry… (note that these wines have a small amount of brandy added, so it has a high alcohol content)

In addition, typical dessert wines that you can refer to include:

Picture how to choose wine for everyone.

Choose the perfect wine for every occasion.

good example wine selection experience This is the weather. The hotter the wine, the lighter the color. White and rosé wines are great for summer because they can be chilled in the freezer or on ice. On the other hand, red wine is great for parties when the weather is cooler.

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Use large bottles of wine for large parties.

Picture how to choose wine for everyone.

The usual wine bottle size is 750 ml. However, if you have a wine that is popular with diners, why not buy a larger version?

Don’t leave the party without alcohol.

Running out of alcohol can make the party uncomfortable and emotionally draining. Won’t you go? Enjoy a glass of delicious sorghum or a glass of wine…

Average Each person drinks from two glasses and a bottle of wine in a party-like atmosphere. Estimate the amount of wine to prepare, then add the “reserve” portion.

In addition, if you organize a party at a professional restaurant or hotel. They will be able to make recommendations tailored to each guest and their desired size.

Pictures on how to choose wine for all of you.

time 9 wine selection experience Summary of the above events I want to organize parties, family trips that are fun and meaningful.

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