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A glass of champagne can create magical moments during celebrations, glamorous events, or whenever you feel like sipping wine. can turn a gloomy day into a happy one

But with different options, you may be wondering which champagne suits your mood and taste. Champagne is just one of many sparkling wines. But there are different types of champagne.

As a beverage enthusiast, I understand that not all champagne is the same in taste and flavor. To get the best champagne selection, consider the amount and type of grapes used.

Thankfully, I’ve done all the heavy lifting. In this article, I’ll go over ten different types of champagne to help you choose your favorite.

Types of Champagne

Learn to distinguish between different bottles of champagne.


Champagne Brut is a popular choice for wine lovers.

It is a French sparkling wine that is neither too dry nor too sweet. I love Champagne Brut because it’s a versatile drink that’s perfect for celebrations. give gifts or serve at brunch

Balanced sugar and rippled acidity make Brut Champagne a food-friendly wine.

Brut, made up of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay, contains 0 to 12 grams of sugar per liter (added sugar).

Winemakers use traditional methods to create Brut. This method involves the addition of yeast and sugar to the wine to achieve a second fermentation.

There are 12 grams of sugar in Champagne Brut. Don’t worry if you like low-sugar sparkling wines.

This bubble will taste quite dry on the palate. You can drink white or pink.

Extra dry champagne

The name “Extra Dry” shouldn’t fool you into believing it’s the lower end of Champagne’s sweetness scale.

After tasting other champagnes, I can assure you that Extra Dry Champagne is sweeter than Brut. But not as sweet as Demisek

Champagne Extra Dry contains between 12 and 17 grams per liter, made by blending grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

When sipping, it has a sweet and sour taste. The taste is the result of a blend of green fruits, citrus and almond/brioche flavors.

Dried Extra can be used as an aperitif for dinner or special occasions. goes well with cheese, buttercream sauce and seafood

Champagne Demi-seconds

Champagne Demi-sec is a great choice for sweet wine lovers. This is the second sweetest foam after Doux.

although it has a sweet taste But I also love this glass of champagne because of its refreshing nature. Demi-sec means “semi-dry” or “semi-dry” in higher volumes, ranging from 33 to 50 grams per liter.

This champagne is a blend of grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. These blends pack champagne with intense fruit flavors.

With a sweet fruity taste, Demi-sec can be used as a dessert wine. aperitif or cocktail mimosa

Day off of a young woman with a demi-second champagne-based mimosa cocktail. can appeal to all women You can pair champagne with pasta for Sunday breakfast.

Champagne Blanc de Blancs

Most champagne is made by mixing red and white grapes with Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir.

However, Champagne Blanc de Blancs is different because winemakers only use white grapes to produce this champagne. This explains why the name translates as “White of white”.

Made entirely from Chardonnay grapes, Blanc de Blancs give this champagne a light and refreshing taste.

When I take a sip of Blanc de Blanc, I always feel the ethereal and pure taste of white grapes.

Any gourmet will love this glass of champagne. as it can be used as a perfect aperitif. Champagne is the perfect match if you’re preparing delicate dishes like seafood.

Champagne Blanc de Noir

Champagne Blanc de Noirs is the perfect choice if you are looking for a white champagne made from grapes other than Chardonnay. The name of this bubble translates as “white from black.”

in the process of making white wine from red grapes The winemaker presses the fruit and removes the dark skin. Only clear fermented grape juice is left

What I love most about this champagne is its color and smell. It has a clear pale color and shows golden yellow streaks. Delicate freshness and unique fruity aroma

As champagne ages A little yellow tends to get darker. The aroma and fruity taste make Blanc de Noir the perfect drink for any meal.

Nature Champagne Brut

Do you prefer cold drinks with little or no sugar? Brut Nature (Brut Zero or non-dosé) is Champagne in its natural or driest state.

They range from 0 to 3 grams per liter. But a refreshing cup of Brut Nature will become my favorite.

Champagne is made from a variety of grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir. These grapes are pressed and the juice is fermented regardless of quantity.

Highly acidic drinks. But it leaves a fresh and lively taste on the palate. You can use this champagne as an aperitif or pair it with your iodine supplement.


Champagne Doux is France’s sweetest sparkling wine. I think this sweet bubbly could be the perfect drink after a hearty meal with family or friends.

Champagne contains 50 grams or more per liter. This amount is the highest level of sugar you will find in Champagne.

Champagne Doux is considered a sweet dessert wine. It is made with grapefruit, like Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.

You can serve this champagne as a dessert or aperitif. And as a sweet wine, you can pair this drink with savory and sweet dishes, sauces or dark chocolate.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find these types of champagne these days due to the popularity of dry champagne.

dry champagne

When I was looking for a great alternative to Extra Dry Champagne for just the right amount of sweetness. Champagne Dry has always been my perfect choice.

Unlike Extra Dry, Champagne Dry (Sec) contains between 17 and 32 grams per liter.

Made from grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Noir, this grape offers fruity aromas and perfect acidity to pair with other beverages and foods.

Dry Champagne has a pronounced dryness that you don’t find in other dry wines.

Its moderate sweetness makes it a perfect drink to pair with sushi. Red berries, peaches, lemon cake, milk chocolate and ice cream.

champagne rose

Champagne Rosé has a distinctive tone that sets it apart from other champagnes.

Light pink from deep red to salmon. The soft pink color leads some to call it champagne pink.

Winemakers can mix white wine with red wine or ferment red grapes with their skins to create Champagne Rosé. The process begins with Pinot Meunier and Noir grapes.

I love this French sparkling wine for its unique color and intense fruit flavors. After tasting Champagne Rosé, you will be delighted with the berry flavor.

This champagne can be enjoyed light or strong. Makes a perfect afternoon drink.

You can pair it with a meat-based after-dinner dessert drink.

Champagne extra brutal

With Champagne Extra Brut, you can reduce the amount of sugar while enjoying the natural flavors of sparkling wine.

It’s one of my go-to champagnes when I want to sip on a slightly lower sugar sparkling wine.

Champagne contains 0 to 6 grams per liter. Like most dry varieties, Champagne Brut is made from grapefruits such as Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.

Extra Brut is the perfect choice for those who believe that too much sweetness in the wine overshadows its natural flavors.

Its vibrant acidity pairs well with dishes like fresh seafood, oysters, mashed potatoes and hot curries.

Types of Champagne

  1. champagne
  2. Extra dry champagne
  3. Champagne Demi-seconds
  4. Champagne Blanc de Blancs
  5. Champagne Blanc de Noir
  6. Nature Champagne Brut
  7. champagne
  8. dry champagne
  9. champagne rose
  10. Champagne extra brutal

final thought

When searching for the perfect champagne The above list will help you choose the right champagne for you.

Whether you like sweet or don’t like sugary drinks. The market has a wide variety of sparkling wines to try.

Check out the most expensive bottles of sparkling wine now that you’re an expert!

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