A loving journey through the canals of Venice – the colors of Italy in the heart of the Pearl Island.

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A trip to visit the Venice canal in the heart of Phu Quoc pearl island is an extremely interesting experience. Romance and love are what travel brings.

Immerse yourself in Italian architectural masterpieces along Venice’s jade-green canals. city ​​of love It’s been the dream of many couples since they started dating. However, due to the cost not everyone can afford, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can experience travel. Venice Canal TourThis is a desirable journey and an attractive destination for couples to continue writing their dreams of young love.

Take in the stunning scenery on a romantic Venice canal cruise.

Above expectations Venice Phu Quoc is like a paradise with colorful streets and sweet and melodious canals with clear jade blue water. Waves and wind carry the scent of the sea. And the smell of the city leaves a taste of its own and nostalgia.

The canal is 400 m long, 25 m wide, located in the middle of a colorful street. making it a memorable destination for couples. The canals are not only pure beauty but also poetic, reflecting many factors that are the beauty of busy Shanghai. With bustling streets of Burano shops, charming architecture, and an arched semicircle bridge over the river.


Discover more detailed and convenient Phu Quoc travel experiences you need to know to have a complete tour of the pearl island.

Enjoy the sparkling sunrise and sunset from the romantic gondola and capture the melancholy moments.

Cruise along the canals of VeniceCouples can experience romantic moments together, where nature, heaven and earth coexist harmoniously. Don’t miss the gondola ride along Venice’s famous canals in 2 opening hours: 6:00am – 11:30am and 3:30pm – 6:45pm here, you can watch the sunrise and sunset with your loved ones and immerse yourself in yourself. in the beautiful music of romantic love songs.

Cruise along the canals of Venice

The last rays of sunlight shining down to create ripples on the iridescent river surface will be a moment of delight for you. You can also admire and walk on the Light Bridge. love bridge and love bridge to create unforgettable sweet memories.

In a romantic area under the magical sunset You and your partner will take a set of ‘melancholic’ photos to ‘destroy the virtual world’ with your romance story.

Enjoy a variety of relaxing experiences on the canals of Venice.

This 24-minute journey through the romantic canals of Venice offers a multitude of relaxing, unique and extraordinary experiences. From the roar of a boatman sailing across the canal in Venice to the voice of an opera singer coming out of the story. Everything has been clearly reproduced. Through improvised and uplifting opera performances, they deliver beautiful tunes over shimmering water.

Cruise along the canals of Venice

You will have to admire the beauty of the musicians playing music on both sides of the lake. The beauty exuded from the performance combined with the sound goes into people’s hearts. Classical music in a romantic atmosphere

Cruise along the canals of Venice

Traveling through the canals of Venice You can also discover yourself through colorful paintings created by street artists. Your appearance will be very interesting. Keep all the memories of the beautiful canal cruise in your thoughts, pictures and ink, and you won’t regret it.

Cruise along the canals of Venice

Discover more interesting experiences at Phu Quoc United Center.

After cruising through the canals of Venice and getting lost in the romantic city of love in Italy. You and your loved ones should not miss other interesting experiences at Phu Quoc United Center, The Legend of Bamboo and Teddy Bear House.

Cruise along the canals of Venice

In addition, challenging games at VinWonders will be the next choice for you to unleash your passion for youth. Dive into the animal world at Vinpearl Safari or try your luck at Corona Casino.

It was a very impressive and memorable experience. Venice Canal Tour It will be a right choice when you come to the beautiful island city. Come to Phu Quoc United Center and make unforgettable love memories in Venice right in the heart of the pearl island.

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