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One of the most attractive points for players in League of Legends game is the hierarchy system. League of Legends is a place where everyone can show off their skills and show off their skills. So how are the leaderboards in League of Legends divided into levels and points?

What is League of Legends Ranking?

League of Legends are 5v5 ranked games on the Summoner’s Rift map. In short, ranked games are similar to regular games. However, thanks to the scoring mechanism, the competitiveness in League of Legends ranked matches is very high. It requires serious players and shows skill to win.
Ranked mode will open when the player reaches LV 30 and has at least 20 champions. After meeting these two conditions, enter the first 10 game series to determine your ELO. Depending on your ELO level, you will encounter high or low level players. If you lose this time, your rank will not change, but if you win, you will increase your rank faster and reach your desired rank soon. Each ranked match requires you to determine your position on the team and then complete the pick and ban step before joining the match. After each game, the plus and minus points are displayed on the overview page depending on whether you win or lose. The fact that you are continuously winning will also help you improve your ranking better and conversely, if you are continuously losing, your score will be added less.

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League of Legends solo/duo ranked mode and flexible ranked mode in League of Legends

There are also 2 separate modes in the ranking, Single/Duo and Flexible. In single/duo mode you can play alone or with a friend. A small requirement for doubles is that two people’s placements must not differ by more than two orders. From the Master rank you can only play alone. This is to maintain fairness to other single players and avoid teaming up with 2 players to pull their ranks against each other.
League of Legends solo/duo ranked mode and flexible ranked mode in League of LegendsIn flexible mode, you can play in teams of 5. The system automatically analyzes leaderboards and ELO points to compare your team to peers and improve in-game fairness. It can be said that playing League of Legends in flexible mode is just as difficult when faced with a team of 5 that has good tactics and plays well together. Each mode has its difficulty, so no mode is easier or harder. So if you want to get promoted, a hardworking and seriously competitive attitude is what you need. Of course, sometimes there will be a team element, but if you have excellent individual skills, that shouldn’t be a problem.

What are the ranks in League of Legends?

The league ranking system is broken down from low to high as follows:

  • Iron.
  • Copper.
  • The silver.
  • Yellow.
  • Platinum.
  • Diamond.
  • Master.
  • great master.
  • Challenge.

What are the ranks in League of Legends?At the level from iron to diamond, each level is divided into 4 sub-steps. For example Iron IV, Iron III or Iron I. But from the Master level, we count according to the number of plus points and move up to higher ranks when a fixed number of points is reached.

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How to calculate rankings in League of Legends

For each ranked match, your ranked score will change depending on the result of the first match and your performance. For every 100 points you collect, you move up a small level, for example from Bronze IV to Bronze III.
How to calculate rankings in League of LegendsOnce you reach the top (Tier I) of the ranks, you participate in a series of promotions. You must win more than half of the games in the series to level up successfully. If you break the chain, you will return to the original rank with the same number of points deducted. But deducting more or less depends on your ELO. Many League of Legends players have suffered and resented time and again breaking the chains. But in life, how do you know when fate doesn’t want you to get a promotion?

LP stats in the League of Legends leaderboard

The LP stat is a hidden coefficient that cannot be seen by the player. This statistic is calculated based on your game results. Simply put, if you win big and consistently, LP will cost you fewer points when you lose and add more points with each win.
LP stats in the League of Legends leaderboardOn the contrary, if you lose a lot, your LP will also drop, making it harder for you to climb the ladder. So try your best to win as much as possible.

What happens if you go AFK on promotion to the league?

Playing AFK in League will have a big impact on your teammates, especially when they are on the chain. In order to limit AFK, Riot implemented fairly severe penalties to deter those who engage in this unsportsmanlike behavior. Specifically, if you exit the queue in a ranked match, you will have to wait 5 minutes before continuing to search for another match. If you go AFK during a ranked match, the penalty will be more severe. Depending on the difficulty, you may be downgraded or deducted points in subsequent games.
What happens if you go AFK on promotion to the league?While the leaderboard is a place to show off your level and talent, don’t get too bitter or angry every time you lose a game. Remember, a game is just a game anyway, don’t let it affect your personal feelings or friendship too much. Let’s rise healthy and not impose achievements.
I hope the information above has helped you to better understand the League of Legends ranking mechanism. Innnewyorkcity wishes you happy gaming. And don’t forget that we must always uphold the spirit of e-sports and not put too much emphasis on winning and losing!

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