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In the past few years, Can Tho tourism has made remarkable progress in both quality and quantity. Can Tho, which has the characteristics of the West River, gives visitors a great feeling. It was an unforgettable and memorable experience.

Can Tho Tourism It is chosen by many tourists who love the poetic beauty of the Mekong Delta as a place to stop. This place not only has a unique spiritual and cultural beauty. but also embellished by the kindness of friendly and welcoming people. If you plan to travel and experience the life of this river basin. Don’t miss the article below!

When is the best time to travel to Can Tho?

Can Tho has a typical climate with different dry and rainy seasons. The rainy season lasts from May to November, and the dry season from December to April next year. With cool weather Visitors can come to Can Tho at any time of the year. Especially when you visit in the summer. You can enjoy a variety of delicious fruits.


Explore the details of our Can Tho travel guide. attractions not to be missed Many interesting specialties and suggestions for the perfect getaway.

Journey to Can Tho

Can Tho can be reached by plane or car.

  • Airlines: Flights from Hanoi to Can Tho Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike And flights from Can Tho to Phu Quoc, Con Dao, Da Nang and vice versa…
  • Road: You can go by car. It takes about 3 hours from HCMC to the center of Can Tho. Bicycles are still a popular means of transport for many people. people and provide a great experience. From the city center Visitors can take a taxi or motorbike to entertainment spots, restaurants with cheap and convenient prices.

Can Tho Tourism

Where to stay in Can Tho?

In general Everyone has different choices for sleeping. Depending on the cost Tourists traveling on their own can stay in hostels, motels or budget hotels. Those who want to experience and relax can choose a luxurious place like Vinpearl Hotel Can Tho.

Located on the romantic Ninh Kieu wharf, Vinpearl Hotel Can Tho stands out with its modern and comfortable design. Facing the peaceful Hau River, creating a wonderful space for all visitors.

Can Tho Tourism

Also known as the Complex of Trade Center – Hotel Vinpearl Hotel Can Tho is the first 5-star international standard building in Can Tho and the tallest building in the city. Here you will enjoy the highest quality of service. There is a quiet private space. Immerse yourself in nature, see the beauty of the city and discover the hidden wonders of nature

Can Tho Tourism

>>> Book a room at Vinpearl Hotel Can Tho, use the latest offers and enjoy the best service to make your trip complete.

10 places not to be missed when traveling to Can Tho

1. Wat Sai Floating Market

Is one of the famous places of Can Tho TourismIt takes about 30 minutes from Ninh Kieu wharf, you get on a motorboat down the Hau River, follow the waterways to Cai Rang floating market and experience the attractions here. Motorboat rental prices range from about 300 to 700,000 VND depending on the number of guests.

Can Tho Tourism

The floating market is open from about 5 am to 9 am and offers a wide range of products such as fruits, vegetables, food and goods. Booths on boats, canoes, and landmarks are the kind of business you can get into. by clicking on the tree This is one of the typical cultural features of the Mekong Delta. which not only domestic tourists have experienced, but also a large number of foreign tourists.

2. Bang Lang Stork Garden

The Heron Park was established in 1983 at a location about 50 km from the city center on Highway 91 towards Totenot, where it is home to thousands of species of herons in a 1.5 hectare garden where you can both breathe the fresh air of nature and enjoy. picturesque space when watching storks fly freely.

Can Tho Tourism

3. Orchards

Can Tho has a year-round warm climate that is ideal for growing fruit trees. There is also a large guava fruit basket with all kinds of plums, earring, durian, rambutan, mandarin, apple, hajo strawberry.
Phong Dien and Than Loc islands are home to the region’s delicious fruit orchards. Famous longan gardens should not be missed when traveling to Can Tho: Vam Xang, Giao Duong, Con Au, My Thom, Vu Binh, My Khanh, My Thuan longan garden…

Can Tho Tourism

4. Ninh Kieu Port

Ninh Kieu Wharf, a symbol of Can Tho, always creates special emotions for every visitor. Located on the banks of Hau River, Ninh Kieu Wharf since the 19th century has witnessed many ups and downs of the history of Can Tho city and the whole past. and now It’s not just a famous cultural landmark. but also a place to keep the memories and beauty of the lovely Can Tho people

Can Tho Tourism

5. My Khan Ecotourism Village

When traveling to Can Tho, tourists should not ignore My Kang Ecotourism Village. Located in Phong Dien District 20 km from the city center, this place is a typical example of Western culture, beautiful gardens, delicious seasonal fruits. and delicious Southern cuisine delights tourists from all over the world. There are also special activities such as boating, fishing, monkey drama, dog racing, pig racing, host’s day. Listen to Don Ka Crown Prince

Can Tho Tourism

6. Stupa

Ong Pagoda is located not far from Ninh Khu wharf, a spiritual place for many tourists when coming to Can Tho. The pagoda has a colorful Chinese architectural style but still retains the ancient look with close rows of houses. This place was recognized as a national historical relic in 1993 for self-sufficient tourism in Can Tho. Visit one of the ancient temples for a retreat and relaxation.

Can Tho Tourism

7. Binh Thuy ancient house

This house is an impressive combination of Asian and European architecture. Built by the Duong family in 1870, the house has 5 rooms, all materials are imported from France, used to be the setting for some famous movies of the country.

Can Tho Tourism

8. Can Tho Bridge

This bridge is considered a symbol of Can Tho. The bridge connecting the two provinces of Vinh Long and Can Tho crosses the Hau River and is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Southeast Asia. with a main span of 550 m.

Can Tho Tourism

9. Truc Lam Phuong Nam Zen Monastery

The monastery has an area of ​​​​about 4 hectares, is the largest monastery in the Mekong Delta region, Truc Lam Phuong Nam Zen Monastery located in My Khanh complex (near My Khanh tourist area) is one of the specialties of Buddha. The whole project is designed with tile roof. Steel wooden poles, brick foundation and walkways, the cost is about 145 billion VND.

Can Tho Tourism

10. Big city night market

Located in the center of Can Tho city, Night Market located in the Can Tho International Expo area is both a large shopping center and an attractive entertainment venue.

What to eat when coming to Can Tho?

1. Tali . fish sauce pot

Going to the West without eating hot pot with fish sauce will hurt your stomach, Can Tho has a restaurant Da Ly fish sauce hot pot on 3/2 street, famous for a long time with its special hot pot soup. The price of a pot of fish here is also quite cheap, about 350,000 – 400,000 VND for 4 people.

Can Tho Tourism

2. Pancakes

Coming to Can Tho without eating pancakes is a big omission for tourists. The ingredients for making banh xeo are very simple: rice flour mixed with coconut milk, shrimp, meat, bean sprouts… Banh xeo consists of fresh vegetables (lettuce, green salad, perilla), thyme, thyme, etc. lettuce, star fruit, thinly sliced ​​fruit. , eggplant, banana, etc.) are gems that will stay in your heart forever.

Can Tho Tourism

3. Duck stew

Roast duck is very popular in the West. This dish is prepared according to a unique recipe, served with tofu, noodles and eggs… Duck cooked with chao at Chao costs 150-180,000 VND, enough for 4 people.

Can Tho Tourism

4. Grilled spring rolls

When traveling to Can Tho, be sure to try the delicious grilled spring rolls with lean pork, fat, garlic, sugar, salt and pepper… Fragrant spring rolls with raw vegetables will surely satisfy even the most fastidious diners. The price of dishes from 45,000 – 60,000 VND.

Can Tho Tourism

5. Grilled snakehead fish

This dish has been used for a long time because of its rich and attractive taste. Snakehead fish is best when grilled on straw. Served with raw vegetables, vermicelli and rice paper rolls are very delicious. The price of a serving of grilled snakehead fish ranges from 150-190,000 VND, when you come to Can Tho, remember to try this attractive specialty.

Can Tho Tourism

6. Grilled snails with pepper

One travel experience in Can Tho is to try the famous grilled snail with pepper. It’s home food. Simple ingredients but very delicious Grilled snails with pepper cost 50,000-80,000 VND for 2 people.

Can Tho Tourism

Here are some experiences. Can Tho Tourism For all visitors We hope Can Tho will bring you great experiences and become an attractive destination for many people both at home and abroad!

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