All generals of Lien Quan Mobile updated to the latest version of 2022

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The total number of last updated Lien Quan generals is now up to 110 generals. This is a huge number that gives headaches to those who want to approach this game. Don’t worry, Innnewyorkcity will help you answer it through the following article.

How many generals does Lien Quan Mobile have?

To date, all the latest updated generals of Lien Quan Mobile 110 are generals with 6 classes:

  • 13 tank masters.
  • 30 gladiator generals.
  • 25 Mage Generals.
  • 13 assassin generals.
  • 18 generals gunner.
  • 11 lieutenants.

List of all recently updated Mobile Union Generals

Valhein Kresch Moren Yena Aleister
Thane jinna TeeMee enzo fennic
veera Payna Lindis zipper lumburr
lubo labor omen Qi country Natalia
mine wukong Tulen Celika superman
Krixi kriknak Liliana Volkath Wonderful woman
manga Arthur maximum Krizzix Xeniel
Trieu Van slim flashlight Eland’orr Kil’Groth
omega Ilumia sensitive ishar darcy
kahlii prey arum dirak Hayate
Zephys Skud Rourke keera Capheny
support team raz Mary At a mistake
Chaugnar laurie Roxie Pains tachi
violet Batman bald Laville Aye
butterfly Air Annett rouie
Ormarr zuka family zata
Azzen’Ka ignition Y’bneth Everything in it
Alice Murad Elsu mandrel
Gildur zill judge degree Sinestrea
yarn arduino Wiro to the right
toro wobbly Swanfear pen Lorion
taara Ryoma sephera Bright
Nacroth Astrid Florence IGGY
graphics Tel’Annas verses AOI

In particular, different classes have their own pros and cons, their own ways of playing, and different routes.
How many generals does Lien Quan Mobile have?
Each general of Lien Quan Mobile has different strengths, weaknesses and abilities, so the gameplay is also different, giving each champion a unique identity. Therefore, it takes a lot of practice to master and understand all generals.

Learn more about the types of generals Lien Quan Mobile

Tank generals in Lien Quan Mobile

With a high Defense Index, Tank Generals are tasked with becoming a “living barrier” for teammates, attracting damage and abilities, thereby helping key positions have room to accumulate damage.
Tank generals in Lien Quan MobileAll tank generals in Lien Quan Mobile have been updated to the latest update (to date). Lien Quan Generals of this class are often used to go to or support Ta Than. In the support position with a Buffalo champion, the ability to control helps the ADC have an easier laning phase. In contrast, tank champions will have more resources in the top lane, ensuring resilience in the later stages of the game. Current Mobile Alliance tanks: Thane, Mina, Omega, Gildur, Toro, Taara, Grakk, Lumburr, Cresht, Arum, Baldum, Y’bneth, Wiro

The gladiator generals in Lien Quan Mobile

When the tank generals are in charge of attracting and dealing damage to the entire team, the gladiators take on the role of disrupting the enemy squad. They balance attack and defense and have a very strong split push. If the laning process is favorable, it will also be very easy for you to take care of the main positions on the opposing team yourself.
The gladiator generals in Lien Quan MobileAll of the gladiator champions that Lien Quan Mobile has updated (so far) are often assigned to the Ta Than Lane to reduce the frequency with which your team gets ganked. The generals of this class from Lien Quan Mobile really are a nightmare for dry-blooded gunners in the early and mid-game, because the gladiators easily take down the target with just 1 combo. Current Mobile Union Gladiator Champions: Lu Bu, Trieu Van, Zephys, Ormarr, Maloch, Arthur, Skud, Zuka, Arduin, Ryoma, Astrid, Superman, Wonder Woman, Kil’Groth, Omen, Max, Rourke, Roxie, Amily , Richter , Florentino, Veres, Errol, Yena, Qi, Volkath, Ata, Allain, Dextra, Tachi.

Assassin generals in Lien Quan Mobile

Assassin is always at the top of the list of high difficulty champions. Because the assassin is equipped by the game with a skill set that can easily destroy the gunner and mage position, but the probability of death is also very high. Therefore, assassin players must have high skills to properly attack and retreat. With high damage characteristics and paper health, assassins will be in the jungle or mid lane. Here they are both difficult to gank and free to use resources to ensure the process of increasing strength.
Assassin generals in Lien Quan MobileAll League of Legends Assassins Updated (So far) Current Mobile Assassins: Butterfly, Nakroth, Wukong, Kriknak, Batman, Airi, Murad, Quillen, Enzo, Keera, Paine, Sinestrea, AOI

General mage in Mobile Alliance

Mage is a group of generals who deal magic damage in the game Lien Quan Mobile. As one of the two main damage positions of the team, the mage possesses the ability to deal extremely strong damage, shock damage to get your team to “Tay Thien” in just 1 combo. Like assassins, these generals are often used to walk through the jungle to ensure the ability to increase power. This is very important as mages often have low escape skills like falling, stealth, etc., so escaping a gank will be very difficult.
General mage in Mobile AllianceAll of Lien Quan Mobile’s Mage Generals will be updated (to date). The lack of a favorable laning phase makes her vulnerable to opponents and like a mobile ATM. Current Mobile Alliance Mage Generals: Veera, Krixi, Mganga, Kahlii, Dieu Boat, Azzen’Ka, Aleister, Natalya, Jinna, Ilumia, Preyta, Raz, Lauriel, Ignis, Zill, Tulen, Liliana, The Flash, Marja, D’ Arch, Ishar, Dirak, Zata, Lorion, IGGY

Gunner Generals in Lien Quan Mobile

As a main damage position, gunners are Lien Quan generals with long range, high physical damage, low health and mostly lacking in mobility. Because of this feature, this is always a position that your team cares about a lot, on the contrary, teammates always provide the best protection to keep the shooter safe in battle and have the best shooting position. Also due to this feature, the shooter is usually in the line of the kite, with support to be safer and better control the kite.
All rifle generals Lien Quan MobileAll Gunner Generals Lien Quan Mobile latest update (so far) Gunner is quite easy to get used to, easy to play, but in high ranks, this is the most difficult position to reach the top, always becoming a target. targeted by your team. In order to stay safe, avoid the threat of your team but deal out large amounts of damage, players need to have extremely high skills. Current Mobile Gunners: Valhein, Violet, Yorn, Fennik, Slimz, Joker, Tel’Annas, Moren, Lindis, Wisp, Elsu, Hayate, Capheny, Celica, Eland’orr, Laville, Thorne, Bright

Assistant Generals in the Mobile Alliance

As with other MOBA games, the assistant is always the most “disapproved” position in the lineup. Very few people actively compete for this position in regular or ranked games. This is because the League Generals of this class don’t have high damage, don’t create a lot of highlights, and have low carrying capacity. However, this is an extremely important and extremely difficult position.
Assistant Generals in the Mobile AllianceAll of Lien Quan Mobile’s general assistants are up to date (until now) Yes, assistants are a very difficult position, when you protect the security of the shooter, you need to help them destroy many enemies, read the enemy, the situation to read and come a way to deal with the dragon duo, timing the cooldown of the enemy’s spells, abilities, etc. Therefore, in order for players to play well, the support position must have a good understanding of the game as well as its strengths. – The weakness of both sides is the ability to think quickly and analyze the situation well, with the shooter playing a supporting role, so the assistants are assigned to the dragon. Current Mobile Alliance Support Champions: Chaugnar, Alice, Payna, Xeniel, TeeMee, Annette, Sephera, Zip, Krizzix, Rouie, Aya
Here’s what you need to know about all of Mobile’s champions, along with their laning, use, and team roles. Innnewyorkcity VN I hope the above article will help you climb the rank of this moba game more effectively.

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