Amber Heard finally prevails – the most searched celebrity on Google in 2022

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Do you hear? These are the most Googled celebrities of the year. Research by Hollywood news site CelebTattler analyzed data points from Google’s 2022 search trends, tracked more than 150 notable celebrities — and finally brought up “Aquaman” star Amber Heard. No. 1. Probably due to her High Court dispute with her ex, actress 36 -The Monkey topped the list as the most searched A-list star of 2022, averaging 50.6 million searches per month in the US. Of course, ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp follows in second place with 5.5 million searches per month. The pair consumed pop culture as their sensational libel trial was in full swing during a good season, which culminated in June when Depp was fired by an ex. Awarded $15 million and Heard earned $2 million in her counterclaim. Amid the bracelet craze, viral TikToks, and sentimental rumors, it’s not uncommon for ex-boyfriends to top the charts again, as even in the results of internet research, the two are still pitted against each other. together. While Heard is the most searched for in terms of absolute searches on Google, 34 of the 50 states searched more for the Pirates of the Caribbean actor than any other A-list star.

Heard is this year’s most wanted A-list star following her shocking defamation lawsuit with ex.POOL/AFP via Getty ImagesJohnny DeppDepp followed his ex in second place. Gorgeous Images “This year has certainly had no shortage of celebrity news, whether it’s Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter or the behind-the-scenes drama ‘Don’t Worry Darling,'” said a company spokesman. CelebTattler told The Post in third place were Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk, Tom Brady, Pete Davidson and the late Queen Elizabeth II. Britain’s longest reigning monarch died in September at the age of 96 after seven decades on the throne – and it has brings her 4.3 million Google searches every month of the year. Soccer star Tom Brady is the most searched A-list athlete on Google of 2022 and the fourth most searched celebrity. Perhaps due to his sudden divorce from supermodel ex-wife Gisele Bundchen or his longstanding relationship with the NFL, Brady’s total searches hover around 4.06 million each month.

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Queen Elizabeth the secondThe Queen is honored to take third place behind two other celebrities. Nice picturebrave catBrady was the most wanted athlete of the year. Speaking of tumultuous couples, Kim Kardashian and ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson took fifth and sixth place, respectively. As the pair’s unlikely romance became more enticing after the reality TV star joined Saturday Night Live last fall, the couple became pop culture icons — as if Kim K’s body didn’t exist. The founder of SKIMS and SKNN, who sparked controversy after wearing Marilyn Monroe’s original dress to the Met Gala, was searched on Google 3.4 million times a month by 2022. Davidson, on the other hand, is making an average of 3.2 million monthly and could rack up even more views before the end of the year if he catches the eye with his hot new supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski. This year, the pair came under scrutiny from Ye, former rapper Kanye West and Kardashian’s ex-husband. The Yeezy founder took to Instagram to denounce the relationship and insult Davidson, even fantasizing about the comedian’s death.

Kim KardashianAfter her controversial Met Gala outfit and fiery romance with her former comedy co-star, Kardashian tops the list of most searched celebrities. WireImagePeter DavidsonDavidson, who dated Kardashian earlier this year, ranks just below his ex on the chart. Beautiful Pictures for The Met Museum/Elon Musk, Ye’s friend and controversial CEO of Twitter, ranked seventh on the list, peaking in the US 3.19 million Google searches per month. His brutal takeover of the social media platform and reinstatement of former President Donald Trump on the site drew negative media attention to the Tesla boss, potentially leading to him becoming a target for searches. Who can forget the infamous Oscars Slapgate heard “around the world”? Will Smith is just behind Musk in eighth place with 3.15 million monthly searches. Chris Rock, after making a horrible joke about Jada Smith’s hair loss, received a slap in the face from Smith onstage at the 94th Academy Awards.

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Elon MuskMusk’s controversial $44 billion Twitter ownership has earned him multiple Google searches. Beautiful pictures to banish the disgraced star for a decade. Millie Bobby Brown from “Stranger Things” and “Euphoria” star Zendaya follow in ninth and tenth place. Two young female icons were searched on Google 2.78 million and 2.71 million times respectively.

Will SmithDespite receiving his award, the Academy banned the much-wanted actor from Slapgate.PA Images via Getty Images Despite the failure of Taylor Swift’s Ticketmaster and Harry Styles’ famous split from her director Olivia Wilde, both failed to make the top 10. Breaking into the Top 15 between Lebron James, Stephen Curry and Ryan Reynolds. A spokesperson for CelebTattler said, “This study provides a fascinating insight into which celebrities are having the biggest impact on Americans, and it will be interesting to see if those search numbers go up or down in 2023.”

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