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Each country or people has its own unique cuisine. Several dishes and dishes, such as French baguette, Vietnamese soup and Argentinian beef. has become popular and known all over the world

Others, such as Peru or Senegal, are less well known. But no less interesting and delicious. Armenian cuisine belongs to the second category. It’s not as famous as some other dishes, but it’s worth exploring.

Armenian cuisine is a blend of influences from the Middle East, Europe and the Caucasus.

This is a regional dish heavily influenced by the flora and fauna present in the traditional regions of Armenia.

to help you discover this interesting diet. I have created a list of popular Armenian dishes. Interesting!

Dolma is a dish made from grape leaves stuffed with rice, meat and spices.

It is a popular dish in many countries in the Middle East and the Balkans. Many people believe that this dish is of Persian origin. And then the Turks adopted this dish.

The word “dolma” means “stuffed” in Turkish. This dish is sometimes called “dolma.”

Basically, you will be making Armenian dolphins with beef, unlike dolphins produced in other countries.

I love how spicy the Armenian dolphin is, so filling and delicious.

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Gata is an Armenian pastry.

Armenian bread made of yeast dough stuffed with sweet cheese. The baker rolls the dough into a log and rolls it into a spiral.

I like the combination of cheese and sugar. Creamy and delicious cheese filling Soft and smooth dough.

I have never eaten this bread anywhere else before.

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Ghapama is an authentic Armenian dish made from pumpkin.

You stuff the squash with rice, meat and spices and then bake it. Ghapama is usually served by Armenians during autumn and winter.

I like Ghapama because it is a heartwarming dish with so many benefits. Pumpkin is soft and flavorful. Rice and beef add a nice texture.

This dish is perfect for chilly nights.

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Every meal in the world has its own version of dumplings.

Manti are Armenian dumplings.

It’s steamed dumplings stuffed with meat and spices.

I like the yogurt and red chili sauce that comes with the toppings. The yogurt cream sauce balances the dumplings perfectly.

It’s hard not to stuff your face with these tempting little pieces. Manti might just be the best dumplings in the world.

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Harissa is wheat porridge made from wheat, chicken and various spices.

You offer this spicy oatmeal for breakfast or as a side dish.

Harissa is a warm and filling meal. Wheat is soft and smooth. The chicken part adds a delicious flavor.

It’s the best breakfast on a cold day.

As someone who doesn’t like oatmeal, Harissa opened my eyes to how delicious breakfast porridge can be.

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Khorovats are a popular grilled vegetable salad in Armenia.

Traditionally, you make this with eggplant, bell peppers, and tomatoes.

Unlike other grilled vegetables, Khorovats do not add oil or spices.

Barbecue experts roast vegetables and cut them into small pieces. Most people eat Khorovats as a side dish.

I like Khorovats because they are simple and healthy. The grilled vegetables were flavorful and the salad was refreshing.

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Lavash is the most popular flatbread in Armenia.

You make this flatbread with flour, water, and salt and eat it with dipping sauces, stews or soups.

I like Lavash because it is the perfect container for other foods. Soft, delicious bread with many different flavors.

It’s a nice bread to dip in juice and enjoy at the bottom of a soup bowl. It’s the perfect way to tweak your meal.

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Khash is a typical Armenian soup made from beef or lamb.

Beef is boiled for several hours with water and spices. Then serve with different side dishes.

You are afraid to eat Khash for breakfast. It is said to be the perfect hangover cure.

Khash’s smell was incredible. and the meat was so tender that it was indistinguishable. This soup is one of my favorites.

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If you like beef jerky, you’ll love Basturma.

Basturma is beef seasoned with salt and pepper. You keep it for several weeks before you can eat it.

You make the tenderloin marinade with spices and vinegar.

You usually eat Basturma as a snack or appetizer.

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Tjvjik/Tzhvzhik This is an Armenian casserole made from animal by-products.

You are afraid to use chicken organs such as liver, heart, stomach.

Organs can cause some people to stop working. But I promise it’s unbelievably delicious. Chef simmers offal in onion and tomato sauce.

The aroma of this dish is unbelievable.

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Armenian Lentil Kofte (Vospov Kofte) is a vegetarian meatball.

It is similar to falafel. But you cook the log instead of the ball.

You will need lentils, onions and spices to make the log.

Vospov Kofte is one of my favorite vegetarian dishes.

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Dabgadz Banir Boerag is a fried cheese that Armenians enjoy as an afternoon snack or breakfast on the go.

You make this delicious pastry with cow’s milk cheese, eggs, and flour. Cheese is rolled in flour and deep fried.

Dabgadz Banir Boerag is delicious

What’s not to like about fried cheese balls? I could eat these all day.

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Byorek is a popular cheese dessert in Armenia.

Armenian dish is made from phylo dough, feta cheese and eggs.

You can eat Byorek as a snack or appetizer. It is similar to Dabgadz Banir Boerag, but the dough is thinner, crispier and uses more butter.

Byorek is perhaps the most popular Armenian dish. Armenians of all ages love this delicious snack.

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If you like ice cream or baba ganache, you’ll love Lobahashu.

Armenians make Lobahashu by mixing nuts, walnuts and garlic.

It’s an incredibly tasty spread that goes well with crackers or flatbreads.

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Lahmacun/Lahmajun It is often called “Armenian pizza”.

Lahmacun is flat bread with a mixture of meat and spices. The most popular topping is ground beef.

Lahmacun is one of my favorite Armenian dishes.

I love pizza, but the special bread that Armenians use in this dish gives it a class of its own.

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final thought

These are just some of the delicious and popular Armenian dishes.

I recommend you try them all! Armenian food is delicious, filling and suitable for any occasion.

What do you think is the most popular Armenian dish? Let us know in the comments section.

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