Avoid delays, buy expensive tickets when traveling by air during Tet.

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Tet is an occasion for people to increase their desire to travel. And there are many problems such as traffic jams, security, procedures, etc. How to travel by plane during Tet in the safest and most convenient way?

compared to traveling by other means Traveling by plane is safer and saves time. But the steps and process are a bit more complicated. Especially when the number of passengers increases during Tet to avoid risks. Traveling by plane during Tet Arriving late, unable to book tickets, lost items… Please be careful of the following.

Book early Tet flight tickets.

Travel plans during Ted’s time are often pushed up a lot. Therefore, book tickets in advance to avoid ticket scarcity and high ticket prices. Therefore, consider checked baggage when booking. and help plan your luggage proactively.

Book a separate round-trip ticket instead of a round-trip ticket.

It sounds inconvenient. But it is very useful if you need to change the date of your flight. Bookings are made too quickly, so many unexpected and unexpected events can happen and affect your journey. Hence the use of two separate tickets with different round-trip and round-trip ticket codes. Saves you the trouble of changing dates. flight time or ticket

Buy Tet tickets at reliable addresses.

We recommend booking Tet tickets through the airlines’ official websites or through a reputable ticket office or agent. If you have any questions or problems during this process Please contact the airline’s call center directly. To avoid booking confusion and increase ticket prices…

Also, take flight times into account so you don’t fly too fast or too late.

Be sure to prepare and check your documents before your travel date.

For passengers over 14 years old, ID card/ID card is required. If this document is out of date and crumpled and unreadable You may consult your airline in advance to confirm alternative procedures. (depending on the regulations of each airline)

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Special passengers such as children under 14 years old and pregnant women have to prepare separate documents as required by each airline, so please read this information carefully and prepare the necessary documents.

Pack your bags for the holidays. Tet is not too big

In addition to not bringing in prohibited items or excess liquid. The cost of buying scales at the airport is still very high. So especially on crowded occasions. Therefore, it is difficult to pack your suitcase, take care that it should not exceed the allowed size or weight.

when Take a plane for the holidaysIf desired, bring a large peach or apricot branch. Please wrap it carefully with dimensions no more than 150x40x40 and send it with your checked baggage, in addition, passengers are only allowed to bring one tree branch at a time. free luggage support

Notes when checking in flight tickets during the festival season

Online check-in saves passengers a lot of time. This can be done on the airline’s website or mobile app. or at the check-in counter at the airport

However, even if you check in online You may need to go to the check-in counter to collect your checked baggage. or if the airline requires it during special peak hours You may not be able to check in. Access for safety There are many cases to go… All passengers

Continuously check flight departure time

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Tet is the time when the number of flights increases dramatically. Therefore, the flight schedule may change, according to regulations, the airline will notify customers directly via SMS or phone. Go directly to the airline’s website for general flight times. Or call the airline’s staff to confirm.

Moments before take off

3 hours before flight time:

We recommend arriving at the airport and checking in at least 3 hours before your flight. Whether it’s a holiday or not This is even more important during Tet. as the number of passengers soars The check-in and baggage drop-off queues will also be longer than usual.

40 minutes before flight time

Minimum check-in time is 40 minutes after this time. The check-in counter will be closed. and you won’t be able to board the plane So if you are already at the airport But near the shortest time Contact the airline staff for immediate assistance.

15 minutes before departure time

This is the time when passengers must be present at the boarding gate to board the plane. After this time The front passenger seat can be completely canceled even after the last booking. to ensure your flight departs on time. Therefore, extreme caution should be exercised when flying during Tet.

Returning home to reunite with family or travel is the most complete happiness. Memorize the following and complete it. Tips for flying during Tet here!


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