Bai Mu Pagoda in Hoi An, the temple that I left behind, has beautiful pictures with thousands of likes.

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Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An has become a new symbol of Hoi An. And was asked by many young people to check in. Experience the charm of this unique shrine

Hoi An Ba Mu Pagoda Located in the heart of the old city There are finely carved golden walls. Sparkling bougainvillea and a clear lake reflected in the blue sky All this creates a perfect scene and visitors will fall in love with the opportunity to admire and visit the temple.

Where is Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An, why is it called Ba Mu Pagoda?

Tam Quang Ba Mu Pagoda is located in the heart of Hoi An ancient city. Near 1 number 675 Hai Ba Trung. Hoi An tourist attractions The famous Kaw Temple is easy to find. This is one of the famous monuments built a long time ago. and plays an important role in the spiritual life of Hoi An people in particular and the Minh Phong community in general.

Hoi An Ba Mu Pagoda

Previously, the pagoda was first named Cam Ha Cung and Hai Binh Cung, representing the architectural features of Hai Binh Cung culture and religion, other names are Cam Ha Cung and Hai Binh Cung. Through time and war, Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An today is the result of an important reconstruction and conservation project. The city has operated with a total value of up to 2 billion VND.

2. Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An – What attracts young people to the new check-in point?

2.1 Tam Quang Gate of Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An – a place that promises to have great photos.

  • Gateway Center: As soon as you step in front of the ruined temple You can’t help but be immersed in the beautiful scenery unfolding before your eyes. Asia seen from afar, surrounded by a green ecosystem… creating the photo angles that addicts love the most.

Hoi An Ba Mu Pagoda

  • Entrance to Bamu Temple: The doors have been restored with classically painted Vauban tile roof architecture, giving it a distinctive antique look. Each wall is a contrasting canvas that adds beauty to the entryway. The ancient architecture here is the perfect backdrop for traditional costumes, simple, neutral tones… enough to create a shimmering look.

Hoi An Ba Mu Pagoda

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2.2.Hoi An Ba Mu Pagoda, pure and peaceful spiritual space

Ba Mu Pagoda has a unique spiritual beauty reflected in the iconic architecture of Cam Ha Cung and Hai Binh Dien beliefs. The pagoda consists of three gates, the main hall, and Tam Quang pagoda with a large garden and two wings. the houses next to the stone house

Hoi An Ba Mu Pagoda

In the middle of the palace is Hai Binh Cong, worshiping the goddess Thien Hau Thanh Mau, who helps 12 midwives, in front are two goddesses Thien Ly Nam and Tuan Phong Nhi. Kam Ha Kung located in the left aisle is a place of worship with two rows of statues of Duc Bao Sanh Grandmaster and 36 gods, the remaining area is for worshiping turkeys and Minh Phong community house.

All bring a pure spiritual space with the unique architecture of Tam Quang Ba Mu Pagoda, which is one of the attractions that attracts a lot of tourists to visit every year.

Hoi An Ba Mu Pagoda

2.3.Memorable mango cake specialty when visiting Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An.

Outside the temple gate, one of the interesting specialties of Hoi An is mango cake. you can buy it sit on the stone bench And relax with a drink while tasting the mysterious sweet and salty taste of mango cake.

  • Price range: 3,000 – 5,000 VND/piece

Hoi An Ba Mu Pagoda

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3. Experience Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An

3.1.Go to Tam Quang Ba Mu Pagoda

As mentioned before the pagoda is located on Hai Ba Trung street, one of the famous tourist attractions. Therefore, tourists can easily find this piece. Hoi An tourism For the easy and convenient part Don’t skip the steps to get to Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An quickly, neatly and quickly:

3.1.1 Da Nang to Hoi An

  • car: for many families Renting a car is the most convenient way to manage their travel schedule. From Da Nang, follow Truong Sa, Nguyen Giap, Bo Chi Cong, Lac Long Quang or National Highway 1A towards Binh Dien and Huynh Tuc Khan to Hoi street.
  • motorcycle: If you are traveling as a couple or traveling together and enjoy sightseeing along the way, renting a motorbike is an interesting option. Like driving to Hoi An You can follow one of 3 suggested routes.

Hoi An Ba Mu Pagoda

  • taxi: It takes about 45-60 minutes, but the fare is a bit high. 350,000-550,000 VND one way, so if you go in a group of 3-7 people, consider breaking it up this way.
  • Bus flavors: This is very convenient for “blind” people who do not have to drive cars. But it is very cheap (about 16,000 VND/person/hour). You will need to arrange your own transport to get to Bamu . Temple

3.1.2. Moving from Hoi An city center to Ba Mu pagoda

You can rent motorbikes, bicycles or taxis from the center of Hoi An. and go in the direction of Tran Hung Dao and Phan Chu Chinh to enter the Old Quarter. After parking, Walk to Hai Ba Trung Street from Chua Cau in the direction of Hai Ba Trung or Tran Phu and cross a small alley. to the gate of Ba Mu pagoda

3.2 Introduction to good accommodation when traveling to Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An

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  • Large outdoor infinity pool with modern design.
  • The system of 5-star rooms and villas is installed according to international standards.
  • There is a free shuttle bus for tourists. Make commuting easy
  • The bars and restaurants in this area are suitable for those who want to enjoy Hoi An cuisine without having to travel far.
  • easy to move Win Wonders South Hoi Anbig amusement park
  • spa, professional yoga gym…

Hoi An Ba Mu Pagoda

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3.3.What should you pay attention to when visiting Ba Mu Pagoda in Hoi An?

  • Temple attire should be simple. be polite and do not reveal too much so as not to affect the sacred atmosphere of the place of worship.
  • Going to scenic spots, taking photos, checking-in, you should relax, speak softly, should not laugh or joke. causing chaos affecting everyone
  • Should go in the morning or evening. (Sunset) to take beautiful pictures. If you want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful area We recommend going during off-peak hours.

Bamu Pagoda Hoi An

appear, Hoi An Bam Pagoda It is a very interesting tourist destination. Many young people at home and abroad “hunt” and take charming photos. From the above information, you must have had experiences when discovering this unique temple by yourself, right?

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