Bamboo art – when Vietnamese symbols reach out to the world

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In addition to appearing in literature and history books. Bamboo is also a familiar building material in many international projects. And it will be too late if you do not know the unique bamboo handicrafts below.

In recent years, projects using environmentally friendly materials, especially bamboo, have become an interesting source of inspiration and challenge for architects to showcase their talents. built with bamboo Self-esteem.

Bamboo – Green steel in architecture

Bamboo is a special material that is harder than wood and does not give off heat like concrete. This feature is perfect for tropical climates.

In Asian culture Bamboo becomes even more important as it is considered a symbol of noble qualities. that’s a gentleman’s philosophy

Asian bamboo building

Sharma Springs Residence Bamboo Villa – Bali (Indonesia)

Sharma Springs Residence is a typical bamboo building. This unique villa consists of 6 floors, 4 bedrooms and over 8,000 square meters of space overlooking the Ayung River Valley. Private pool and outdoor spa The winding garden also features a poolside barbecue space.

bamboo building

Bamboo House – Taichung, Taiwan

In Taichung, Taiwan, another bamboo building called Bamboo Pavilion is also gaining a lot of attention.

bamboo building

The building is made of domestic bamboo, has an area of ​​1,570 square meters, was built in the center of a large lake with the idea that the seeds protrude as a symbol of hope for the future of mankind.

bamboo buildingbamboo building

Other bamboo handicrafts from Thailand and China

in Thailand and China Many bamboo buildings are also very popular with tourists and architects.

bamboo building

Typical bamboo structure from Vietnam

Vietnamese bamboo handicrafts have interesting characteristics. It is in keeping with the simplicity and elegance of bamboo architecture around the world.

Vietnam has bamboo, which can be said to be a special commodity. In particular, the bamboo stems are very regular, which other bamboo species do not have, architect Vo Trong Nghia has successfully applied this to create a unique feature in Vietnamese bamboo works.

Combining the traditional Vietnamese bamboo joinery technique with the strength of sturgeon and the sophistication of architect Vo Trong Nghia’s years of research, he created a building completely free of metal. . The bamboo stalks are connected by dowels to create a smooth, soft and rhythmic transition.

bamboo buildingbamboo building

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Legend of Bamboo Building – The highlight of Grand World Phu Quoc

In early 2021, Vo Trong Nghia Architects will Grand World Phu Quoc 32,000 bamboo trees named Legend of Bamboo are uniquely designed in Vietnam. This is the largest bamboo construction in Vietnam and one of the largest bamboo handicraft establishments in the region.

Watching the 700 m² wide and 15 m tall building gracefully and gracefully cast its shadow on the calm lake is a truly dignified experience. and its artistic depth. Tell visitors the real thing about Vietnam’s creations.

bamboo building

Legend Bamboo Thuan Viet is made from natural materials crystallized by the creation of architect Vo Trong Nghia and the efforts of hundreds of Vietnamese craftsmen. In addition to the bamboo tree, other culturally related Vietnamese mascots, such as the lotus flower, symbolize a noble personality. bold Asian philosophies and Klong Dong, the embodiment of an independent and unique civilization.


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bamboo building

As you pass through this unique structure You will hear a gentle breeze. blowing through the bamboo forest Bamboo protects the village. bamboo fights enemies Bamboo has now been transformed into a special piece of architecture. Vibrant colors of Vietnamese soul

To create a space where people can fully experience the national culture. “Legend of the Bamboo Tree” was placed next to the performance stage. Vietnamese nature – The largest cultural show in the region A perfect blend of landscape art, light, color, sound and the dedication of hundreds of artists. This program will make visitors feel like they are walking through Vietnamese culture and the country’s thousands of years of history.

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