Beautiful – charming – talented: is there anyone other than Miss Aviation Duong Thu Thao?

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When you think of the profession of flight attendant, beautiful and talented young men and women spring to mind. However, what do you think of a Miss Flight Attendant? It must be a girl with a heavenly scent with a “normal” body. Recently, the online community “cooked” about a personal page of Duong Thu Thao – flight attendant of Miss Vietnam Airlines.

Profile “Luxury – Real – Smooth” by Flight Attendants 9X

Do you feel “familiar” with this beauty queen? Insightful for you: Duong Thu Thao was a prominent female idol in the talk community in 2014-2015. At that time, along with other hot girl faces: Ngan Assassin, Vy Timy, Nhu Hexi, etc., she has attracted the attention and love of the audience thanks to her talent and cuteness. However, over the past year, it has made her hotter to be active on social media. The proof is that she has an Instagram account with 32.2k followers and a TikTok account with more than 226.6k followers.
Thu Thao was born in 1992, was a student at the Vietnam Aviation Academy and now lives in Saigon. Due to the nature of her job, she often has to go constantly and to many places, hence the social side shares her travels and trips. The hostess was also able to score particularly well when answering many questions from followers about her work, self-care, etc.
When was Miss Duong Thu Thao born?
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I can’t take my eyes off the sexy body

Of course, you also have an image of a uniform, good-looking appearance with flight attendants. At Thu Thao, she is also struck by her natural beauty, white skin and sunny smile.
I can't take my eyes off the sexy body
Beautiful standard figure, Thu Thao also owns a temperament more than humans. Her love of beauty also helps her mix and match in all shapes and sizes for herself. In contrast to the elegant, well-groomed beauty when going to work. When going out, she chooses a modern outfit to show off her physical assets. It makes her more charming and attractive.
Duong Thu Thao bikini
Duong Thu Thao is sexy
“The viewer’s eyes burn” in sexy bikinis
They don’t have to be too “exposed” like a bikini, the crop tops also help her show off her sexy bust size. To compensate for the “open” top, Thu Thao bought high-waisted, wide-leg pants to make her legs even “smoother”.
Instagram Duong Thu Thao
Transformed into many styles, each style has a distinctive charm. And you, which style do you prefer to wear? Let’s take a look at some “dreamy” photos Duong Thu Thao just updated!
Tik Tok Duong Thu Thao
hot girl Duong Thu Thao

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