Bitcoin price falls below $30,000

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Bitcoin price has fallen below $30,000 since July 2021, which has investors worried.

Bitcoin’s collapse is worrying investors

The value of Bitcoin has plummeted over the past few weeks, a few hours ago the BTC price dropped to $29,735/BTC. This is the first time BTC has fallen below $30,000 since July 2021. The price is now up to $31,000, down 7% from yesterday. Bitcoin price is currently more than 55% below its November 2021 peak. The devaluation comes amid a multi-day global sell-off in stocks and cryptocurrencies. Countries are tightening their currencies to limit inflation, making it harder to sell.
Bitcoin price falls below $30,000
On Wall Street, which ended the session on May 9, the DJIA fell nearly 2%. The S&P 500 lost 3.2% and the Nasdaq Composite fell about 4.3%. Markets in Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong were also down this morning. According to economists, Bitcoin price will fall sharply in the near future.
Bitcoin price falls below $30,000
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