British passports are changed after the death of the Queen

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The departure of Queen Elizabeth II raises the question of whether British passports need to be changed even if they are still valid.

consequences European news, on the front page of a British passport reads: ‘In the name of the Queen of England, the Foreign Secretary permits passport holders to move freely and to receive assistance, protection and assistance. . when required.” The Queen’s name is also mentioned on the first page of passports for New Zealand, Canada, Australia and one other Commonwealth country. As Queen, the Governor-General of New Zealand allows passport holders to travel freely and receive legal assistance and protection” .

Inscription on the inside of a British passport. Photo: Rosie Frost.

After the Queen left on September 8, many wondered if a passport using her name as a guarantee was still valid. The simple answer is yes. The content is now changed from “Queen” to “King” to reflect the accession of King Charles III. However, there is no official announcement yet as to when these changes will be implemented. Like stamps, coins and other photographic material, the Queen’s name has entered the lives of people in the United Kingdom over the past 70 years and updating a passport will not be a quick process. Holders of a passport bearing the Queen’s name can switch to a new passport after it has expired – 10 years from the date of issue. This document remains valid for travel until the expiry date. The Australian Passport Office released a statement saying the production and issuance of Australian passports were “unaffected by the Queen’s departure”. The agency said passports are still valid and the wording will change in the future.

Why doesn't Queen Elizabeth II need a passport?Why doesn’t Queen Elizabeth II need a passport? Everyone needs a passport when going abroad except Queen Elizabeth II.

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