Can you eat kiwi skin?

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I didn’t try kiwi until I was older. But today it is one of my favorite fruits. It sounds silly but at first I didn’t know how to eat kiwi or how to eat the skin.

Kiwi is an edible acidic fruit. It is native to China, that’s why it is called Chinese gooseberry. a small fruit They are usually about the size of a large egg.

Kiwi fruit has a frayed light brown skin and pale green or yellow flesh. But can you eat kiwi peels?

Around the middle part of the flesh are small edible black seeds, soft and succulent inside.

Most people, myself included, peel off the skin and eat the juicy flesh inside. The fruit goes well with other fruits. Makes a great addition to all your smoothies. on yogurt or as part of a fruit salad

Is it safe for people to eat kiwi peels?

You may have noticed that I only mentioned eating kiwi. Can you eat kiwi skin?

This may come as a surprise to most people. But not all kiwi peels are edible and safe. In fact, it is very nutritious. Most people don’t eat it because it’s bitter.

Skin is frayed and has a texture different from soft. These can make your mouth feel bad.

The peel of the kiwi fruit also contains small scorpions. That can cut the inside of your mouth and open it up to take in the fruit’s acids. sting

Despite all this, it is completely safe to eat kiwi peels. And a lot of people do.

How does it taste?

The frayed kiwi skin is fibrous, like an apple but harder.

The peel of the kiwifruit tastes like a hard, rough apple. You can rub the kiwi with a napkin to remove some of the fluff before you eat it. But it won’t turn off completely.

The taste is similar to kiwi but slightly bitter and astringent. You can balance this bitterness by eating both the flesh and the skin, such as an apple.

You can also add whole kiwis to your smoothie if that’s still too much for you.

Benefits of eating kiwi peel

Eating kiwi peel is extremely beneficial and nutritious. Loaded with fiber, folate, vitamins and antioxidants.

Kiwi skin gives you 30% to 50% of this compared to meat.

Many people do not get enough of these nutrients. So eating whole kiwis is very good.

Several studies show that kiwifruit peels are good for the heart. Helps prevent constipation. and beneficial for pregnant women

Kiwi contains a lot of vitamin C which boosts your immune system. It is better to eat this fruit raw, as the nutrients are not wasted.

Is it safe to eat kiwi peel?

Kiwi skin is safe to eat. But it may not be the tastiest thing you’ll ever eat.

It can taste bitter and tingling. That shouldn’t stop you from trying it because it’s good for you.

Try it and see how you feel!

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