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Explore the beautiful beaches atop some of the most fascinating coastal destinations in the Chubu region, which always provide visitors with an enjoyable and memorable journey.

Traveling to Chubu . Coast It was a very interesting and engaging travel experience. If you are a lover of sea travel, do not ignore the “list” of the most beautiful beaches in the Chubu region introduced in this article. What are the attractions of these central coastal resorts?

1. Visit Sam Son beach – Thanh Hoa in Central Vietnam

Samseon of Thanh Hoa One of the first Central Coast attractions to go liveThis place attracts tourists with many beautiful beaches, fine sand, big waves. and calm waters

Nakaumi Tourism

Visitors to Sam Son beach can dive into nature. Feel the rustle of casuarina trees swaying in the wind. and even listen to the sound of the waves Sam Son Tourism Thanh Hoa Is a trip that attracts many domestic and international tourists with beautiful and romantic beaches.

2. Guaro Beach – Nghe An

median Visiting Quarogian Town Cua Lo Beach, the most ideal beach resort in the central region, cannot be faulted. Cuaro Beach with fine white sandThere are few slopes and beautiful natural scenery.

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3. Thien Kham Beach – Yai Ha Tinh

Thien Cam Beach Ha Tinh compared to many regions Sightseeing in Nakaumi There are still a lot of interesting points. LANE The sea in Tian Kham is very clear. and wide beach White sand beaches, refreshing areas give visitors the most relaxing and comfortable feeling. The waters of this famous central beach have four seasons. provide visitors with an interesting discovery experience.

Sightseeing in Nakaumi City

4. Quang Binh Beach

4.1. Nhat Le Beach – Romantic And Charming Central Beach Destination

Nhattle Beach – Check-in point in Quang Binh Clear blue sea water, fine white sand beach, countless unique and poetic beauty. As a must-see attraction in the central coast, visitors should not miss Quang Binh if they have the opportunity to visit.

Nakaumi Tourism

4.2. Beach rock jump

Quang Binh Jumping Stone Beach is pure beauty and a wonderful place. Quang Binh tourism It attracts a large number of followers. The central beach is also charming with different large and small rocks jutting out of the water. Rock climbing and relaxing your mind in the dreamy blue sea is one of the most interesting experiences when coming to this central coastal paradise.

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5. The beautiful beaches of Hue – a destination not to be missed for a trip to the central coast.

5.1 Lang Co Bay

The beauty of Hue’s Lang Co Bay is likened to a ‘fairytale’ by many travel enthusiasts, and everything is perfect at this impressive central coastal tourist destination. From lush green forests to charming natural landscapes. to a beautiful beach with white sand outstanding in the sun… divine.

Sightseeing in Nakaumi

5.2 Ham Long Beach – a beautiful beach resort in Central Vietnam

Hue Tourism Don’t miss the picturesque scenery of Ham Rong Beach Ham Rong Beach is naturally beautiful. It has made many enthusiasts passionate about discovering new lands.

Nakaumi Tourism

6. Beautiful beach in Da Nang – My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach Da Nang is a destination not to be missed in your itinerary. Visiting Da Nang, Hoi AnNamed one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by Forbes magazine, My Khe Beach is the ideal resort to enjoy the natural beauty.

Sightseeing in Nakaumi

7. Central Vietnam beaches in Quang Nam

7.1. Kracham . Beach

Cu Lao Cham is an ideal tourist destination with diverse mountain, forest and sea ecosystems with diverse flora and fauna. It has many beautiful natural beaches and unspoiled nature with irresistible attraction.

Nakaumi Tourism

7.2 An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach is a must-see on any itinerary to Hoi An Ancient Town. The vast coastline with beautiful white sands still retains its unspoiled beauty. and attract a large number of tourists.

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8. Visit Koh Lee Son

Ly Son Island in Quang Ngai is a must-see attraction in the central region. Outside of Koh Bee there are wonderfully beautiful beaches. Crystal clear sea water and white sand beaches. It’s a great place not only for swimming. but also have to register

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9. The beautiful beaches of Binh Dinh

9.1 Side wind

The beauty of Eo Gio beach can “fascinate” anyone who visits this place. Central Coastal Scenery Brings natural beauty with crystal clear blue water and golden beaches. with furious waves crashing against the shore and churning white foam.

Nakaumi Tourism

9.2. Kiko Beach

Ky Co beach in Binh Dinh impresses with its wild and unspoiled natural beauty. A special feature of Ky Co beach is that the water is cold and very shallow. Visitors can swim in the sea or swim from the shore to 100m and still see the sea water as deep as the neck.

Nakaumi Tourism

10. Phu Yen beautiful beach

10.1.Boonlor Bay

The picturesque Ban Lo Bay area stands out with its fine sand beaches, clear blue water and beautiful natural landscape. When you come to Ban Lo Bay, you will be immersed in the isolated and enchanting resort space of a coastal resort.

Sightseeing in the city of Nakaumi

10.2. Wing-chun

Xuan Dai Bay Phu Yen has many beautiful beaches such as Aom beach, Tunham beach. Each beach on Huyen Dai Bay is like a charming painting of majestic nature.

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10.3. Da Dia Rapids

Each beach at Ghenh Da Dia Phu Yen has its own beauty. But overall Long white sandy beaches and clear blue water are the main attractions, a trip to Phu Yen allows you to admire the beautiful natural scenes. and placed freely on Nguyen Da Dia beach.

Nakaumi Tourism

11. Nha Trang – Central beach tourism paradise can not be missed.

11.1 Long Beach

Bai Dai Nha Trang is the ideal beach resort to feel the beauty of Nha Trang’s beautiful and pristine beaches, with clear blue sea water and fine white sand stretching underfoot.

Sightseeing in Nakaumi

11.2. Doglet . Beach

seaside Doctor Cho Nha Trang Visitors will be amazed by the endless stretches of white sand dunes. The coast is gentle and the sea is crystal clear, you can see the bottom of the sea, in addition, the beach here has few waves and small waves. It is safe for children and non-swimmers.

Nakaumi Tourism

11.3. Dylan

Dai Lang Beach About 80 km from Trang city, this central coastal tourist destination is loved by many tourists for its immense blue water and casuarina waterfalls.

Nakaumi Tourism

11.4. Dear Tom,

When coming to Hong Tam Nha Trang, visitors can freely wave in the middle of the romantic and poetic beach. This place has a very mild climate. There are four windy seasons. Bringing you the most enjoyable travel experiences.

Sightseeing in Nakaumi

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12. Ninh Thuan beautiful beach

12.1 Nychu . Beach

Ninh Chu Beach attracts a lot of tourists to Ninh Thuan and is rated by travel enthusiasts as one of the most beautiful beaches in the central region. With a flat coastline, fine white sand and clear blue water. It is an ideal beach resort when coming to Ninh Thuan.

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12.2 Vinh Hai Bay

Vinh Hy Bay is one of the four most beautiful bays in Vietnam. The beaches here are also great. Swimming experience is very interesting. Take a dip in the cool, clear blue water here. Walk along the long white sand beach. Feel the peaceful space and listen to the sound of waves crashing.

Sightseeing in Nakaumi

12.3 Greed

The beauty of Han Rai impresses every visitor. Hang Lai is a rocky beach with natural rock formations facing the sea. Here there is the beauty of the mountains and the sea in harmony, very beautiful.

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13. Beautiful beaches in Binh Thuan

13.1. Running Beach

Bailan is famous as the most beautiful beach in Mui Ne, Binh Thuan. The clear blue water of Bai Lan beach. This place attracts visitors with a straight line of coconut trees running along the coast. We invite you to try the morning bathing experience in the vast natural area of ​​Bailan.

Sightseeing in Nakaumi

13.2. Honrom . Beach

Hong Lom Mui Ne Beach is a famous tourist destination in Central Vietnam. The southwest coast of Hon Lom has fine white sand beaches, beautiful waves, Hon Lom has some famous beaches such as Thuy Chan, Hon Lom 1, Hon Lom 2.

Nakaumi Tourism

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Traveling to Chubu . Coast long white sand beach Clear blue water And ravishing landscape attracts thousands of tourists to resort. Because here there are many beautiful and romantic beach resorts favored by nature. Prepare yourself for a trip to discover the famous beach resorts of the Chubu region mentioned in the article.

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