Changes and adjustments in Genshin Impact 3.0

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The Genshin Impact gaming community is extremely excited about the changes to the new land of Sumeru in version 3.0.

Adjusted content details, optimized in Genshin Impact 3.0

The scheduled time for the update to version 3.0 of Genshin Impact was announced on August 24, 2022 at 05:00 (UTC +7). As usual, during the time the server closes the update, players will receive 300 Primeval Stones (every hour of maintenance will be compensated with 60). Below is the content of the changes and adjustments in this Genshin Impact 3.0 update.

Adjust the enemy’s strength

1. Decreased the damage of “Dragon Tormenting Heaven” for players in the opening chapter “Song of Dragons and Freedom” of phase 3 of Demon’s Quest; 2. Reduced the attack of “Past Sky King” in Demon God Quest Chapter 3 “Song of Dragons and Freedom” prologue chapter; 3. Reduce the background collapse caused by the past Sky King’s skill “Closed Song” and reduce the damage caused by the collapsed platform in Chapter 3 opening song “Song of Dragons” and the quest “Freedom of the Demon God” is caused; 4. Critical Condition Optimization Raiden Shogun entered Vision Hunting phase in Demonic Quest Chapter 2 Act 2 Mindless, Unborn and Immortal; 5. Optimization of decision conditions Raiden Shogun brings down “God’s Punishment” in Devil’s Quest Chapter 2 Act 2 “Mindless, Unborn and Immortal”; 6. Customize behavior of Devil Mushroom – Thuy;
Adjusted content details, optimized in Genshin Impact 3.0 The character of Collei

system tuning

1. Increase the set limit on the number of teams to 10 and add the “Team Management” function in the “Team Setup” UI; 2. Increased the number of “My Friends” from 45 to 60; 3. There is an additional source of 5-star relics and the ability to move to the corresponding secret scene; 4. The “Character – Talent” interface has been removed from the “Character – Talent” interface; 5. Optimized the interface layout of Prayer – Details and Prayer – History; 6. The adjustment function “Lens Sensitivity” and “Lens Sensitivity (Aiming Mode)” can be adjusted separately Horizontal Lens Sensitivity and Vertical Lens Sensitivity in Settings – Top Control of PC and Mobile; 7. Updated some system functions in Paimon menu – Feedback; 8. Adjusted the delay logic of the “Specified Play-in-Play Interaction”, namely when the game is paused in single player mode, the CD time of the interaction during the game is also paused. Break;
Adjusted content details, optimized in Genshin Impact 3.0

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Adjust volume

1. Added voiceover of “Low Companion HP” in Character – Documentary – Voiceover; 2. Added “Enable voiceover” feature when teammates have low HP in multiplayer; 3. Add sound effects when the character defeats an enemy and creates a shock; 4. Optimized sound effects when characters move and fight; 5. Optimized the Japanese battle dub sound effects in Diluc’s costume – Crimson Night; 6. Optimized Japanese, Korean and English voices of some characters, quests and NPCs;
Adjusted content details, optimized in Genshin Impact 3.0

Change in elemental resonance

1. Added elemental resonance effect of Spicy Herbs. 2. Water Elemental Resonance “Water Therapy” reduces the cast time of fire elementals by 40% and increases the HP limit by 25%; 3. Lightning Elemental Resonance Strong Lightning reduces the time to attach the Water Element by 40%.
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