Check-in by facial recognition technology at Vinpearl.

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On April 15, Vinpearl became the first hotel – resort – entertainment system in Vietnam to use facial recognition technology based on artificial intelligence (AI).

With automatic doors Check-in in just 3 seconds, open the door to shop and pay with a smile, visitors to Vinpearl can now experience unprecedented convenience. Thanks to facial recognition technology using artificial intelligence (AI).

In the first phase, facial recognition applications will be installed at Vinpearl Nha Trang Complex to help guests verify their identity accurately in milliseconds when they enter and exit the hotel, resort or facilities. All traditional control procedures are replaced by facial recognition observation devices.

Facial recognition technology used at Vinpearl includes a recognition speed of only 1 second, a system of big data processing algorithms that can recognize millions of faces. Instant, real-time, flexible, near-perfect accuracy security alerts. Level 5 Customer Data Rights, Maximum Security.

With 5-star service and the latest technology, visitors to Vinpearl can enjoy 3 unique experiences: family check-in, automatic walk-in and personal privileges, high privacy. game area… New technology helps to reduce waiting time for check-in when going to the store and moving between stores.

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A total of 43 hotels, resorts and amusement parks in Vinpearl’s system across Vietnam will use facial recognition technology in the near future, then visitors will not have to worry if they do not have one. identification. They will be greeted at the check-in or check-out counter all in one tap.

As the first hotel – resort – entertainment system to use artificial intelligence in management and operation, Vinpearl has made strides in the tourism – hotel industry in Vietnam to affirm its position. Helping brands in the international market and go global. It helps me catch up. smart travel trend

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Facial recognition technology allows individuals to be identified and authenticated by comparing digital images or video frames with faces stored in a database. Find and associate facial features and other biometrics. to assign a match This is the fastest biometric technology with the least impact on the user. This technology can be used in buildings, hospitals and hotel reception areas. Early detection and discrimination of VIPs, employees and visitors…

This new milestone of Vinpearl is one of the beginnings of the digital transformation strategy of Vinpearl and Vingroup, contributing to building Vietnam’s digital economy. contributed to put Vietnam on a more worthy position on the map.

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