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Each generation has its own personality and imprint, with Gen Z being considered a generation with strong personality and “impressive” creativity in everyday communication. Let’s decode the language of Generation Z!

What is the language of Generation Z?

If Teencode is the language of the 8x and 9x generations, then the Z generation also has its own language. With the “endless” creativity of this generation, many people of the previous generation were surprised to understand these “new” words. Simply put, Gen Z language is a unique vocabulary with your creativity that is commonly used in this generation’s communication and personality expression.

Current Gen Z terminology

“Stay in Zn” /adjective/

Zn in chemistry is zinc, “Zn Zn” is “zinc” – the driving reading of “Cham Kam”. The root word of this word is “depression”, so young people often use the word “zn zn” to describe a state of exhaustion, sadness…


“Fish” means “fish” in English, combined with the suffix “u”, the two together form the word “crazy”, expressing the angry feelings of young people.

Yellow Lemon

There is “lemon” = “lemon”. The word “lemon” with a question mark (lemon) means “lemon” with a question mark (lemon). Therefore, “lemon” is an adjective referring to one’s pride and arrogance.

Recct (respect) – pect (perfect)

This is a telex typo which is repct – pect pair if typed correctly, pect = perfect, repct = respect.

plum forever

Generation Z people use this word to refer to salinity, a word used to describe a person’s appearance or the state and nature of a particular phenomenon. In addition, young people also have other variations such as: mango, mango, toad, guava, jackfruit, everlasting plum ice cream, …

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goose flesh

Gét go is a mispronunciation of the English word “let’s go”, which means let’s go, let’s go, hurry up, let’s do it. Gen Z creates new words by pronouncing English in a way that is fairly familiar to people of this generation.

U is the sky – Ulatr

This is an exclamation that is a variation of the infinitive “Oh my God”. In it, the letter U is “anglicised” to Uis, written specifically as U is (roughly translated: U is).

I’m hot

Gasp is the pronunciation of the word SOS – the word used to announce an emergency, to need an emergency. Gen Z also uses the word in emergencies, but with a touch of humor.

umbrella umbrella

“Oh yeah” is similar to “Oh yeah!” and expresses joy and excitement. However, aprons for teenagers have a completely different meaning. The apron begins with a video of a woman wearing a yellow Ao Dai on TikTok (September 2021) with the slogan “Do it lightly, do a lot of it. The apron is ridiculous.”

Some other Gen Z languages

  • Khum: Means “no”, but in a cuter way
  • Trmú /noun/: clown, clown, funny person
  • Cyclo Brakes: When you use the brake to slow down the cyclo, you will hear a “clack” which the driver reads as a kiss in English. So cyclo brakes mean kissing.
  • Mlem mlem: desire, pleasure from a delicious meal, a beautiful girl or a pretty 6-pack…
  • ShinCore: /sorry/
  • cute cute/

What is the language of Generation Z?
Generation Z language is increasingly developing due to the creativity of young people, but these are just words used to communicate between people of this generation, not new words in Vietnamese!
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