Chinese newspaper: “Faker is jealous of the LPL region”

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Faker and the LPL region have conflicts that are difficult to resolve. And the mainland press said the Demon King was jealous of the LPL.

The Chinese newspaper mocked Faker

Recently, a sarcastic article appeared in the Sohu newspaper that Ma Vuong was jealous and afraid of the strength of the Chinese League of Legends teams.

“Faker thinks the LPL region is still inferior to him. In particular, he believes the LPL is not as strong as the LCK.” Sohu wrote.
Chinese newspaper:
“Obviously the weakness makes Faker jealous of the LPL region. The stats, the championship says it all, the LPL far surpassed the LCK. Only the weak wouldn’t admit that.” Chinese newspaper sarcastic.
Chinese newspaper:
In the end, Sohu believes EDG will beat T1 in the same group at Worlds 2022. “The defending champion is in stable form. They have a lot of superstars in their squad and it’s not hard to beat T1,” concluded Sohu.

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