Clip 29 seconds hot girl Tram Anh was released, the owner spoke up

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Hottie Tram Anh’s 29 second clip is widely shared, the owner immediately confirmed it was cut and urged the police to intervene.

Hottie Tram Anh’s 29-second clip, which is said to be a collage, has been leaked online

The internet went viral with the hot Tram-Anh clip, after the information was posted, many fans ‘begged’ for a link. “Revealing the hot clip of hot girl Tram Anh” is the most searched keyword, the owner immediately spoke up, thinking it was a collage. When she was not called back, Tram Anh answered immediately. Specifically, she denied that people thought the “female lead” in the clip was her and said she would ask the police to intervene in the case.
Hottie Tram Anh's 29 second clip was released, the owner spoke up
“Guys, what you are saying is not me, it is ennoblement. I will report this to the police. Right number of markets, sitting still is noisy too” – Tram Anh was angry. Currently her case is being reported to the police, fans are waiting hourly for news proving if the main character is hottie Tram Anh or just a transplant.
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