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According to Savills Vietnam, the generation of ‘money travelers’ aged 65 and over has grown exponentially over the past decade.

with higher income better health And with more time, the ‘Silver Tourist’ generation is more demanding than ever. Due to the social nature of Vietnam, Silver Generation does not search for resort packages on their own. But their descendants, who own the economy and technology, often buy and donate.

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To meet this demand, Vinpearl, the largest resort hotel system in Vietnam, has launched a 3 day 2 night private resort package exclusively for grandparents or parents.

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In addition to these options, many families also choose the combo set “Join hands” for 11.35 million VND. facilitate family reunion as the name of Vinpearl products.

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Vietnamese families are getting smaller and smaller. Therefore, children and grandchildren do not have many conditions to take care of their parents. Parents, born and raised in difficult times for the country, bonded with their children for a long time, sacrificing a lot of personal happiness. Think back to the peaceful moments with your children and grandchildren, or the days of your youth. It is the dream of many grandparents and parents.

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Vinpearl’s four coastal resort hotels in Da Nang, namely Nam Hoi An, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang and Cua Hoi (Nghe An), have the advantage of a fresh climate and are chosen by many families as a place to stay. The service and attention to detail of Vinpearl staff is reflected in every detail. Guests are welcomed at the airport and treated to a healthy wellness menu or a relaxing body-balancing massage treatment at Vincharm Spa and Akoya Spa.

>>> Discover more detailed and convenient Phu Quoc travel experiences that you need to know to have a complete tour of the pearl island.

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In addition to relaxation and care services, grandparents and parents can also visit the traditional area of ​​VinWonders Nam Hoi An folk island, visit 3 art villages in the region. and enjoy the show, or Go to the Wharf.

Besides being a place for grandparents to have private vacations or family gatherings with their children and grandchildren, Vinpearl is also a suitable place for seniors to organize events. It is a daily “meeting” of close friends, also a very special place.. Once upon a time together.

Vinpearl owns more than 2000 sea view villas with private area, swimming pool, kitchen, dining room, living room, green campus. garden or sea view

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Comes with “Together” for 11.35 million VND, the whole family will have endless hours of fun together. from airport pickup Two nights in a luxury beachfront villa Or happy days can do it. Families can enjoy a luxurious barbecue on the beach with five continents cuisine.

Visitors can visit our website or contact us by email. [email protected] Please call the Hotline 1900 1901 for advice and appointment.

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