Debt-torn Thuy Tien drama is a scam scheme ahead of time

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Recently, a character revealed Ms. Thuy Trang’s trick with Miss Peace 2021 Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien.

Reality TV series Thuy Tien has torn up the debt papers

It is known that Ms. Thuy Trang and Miss Peace will have a confrontation in 2021 to solve the debt problem. While Ms. Trang claimed to have sufficient evidence, the woman’s attorney also confirmed that she did not receive any money.

Recently, a live stream of character T shared the story of Miss Grand 2021. Accordingly, Ms. T shared that Thuy Trang took advantage of Tien’s innocence at the time to cheat on her. Ms. Trang promised to borrow Tien and take care of all expenses from A – Z and force her to sign many documents.
The truth of the film Thuy Tien tears up the debt paper 2
However, during the work, Ms. Trang did not transfer any money or support the presentation. The video of tearing up the debt papers is also because Ms. Trang planned to provoke the girl into tearing up the debt papers.
Still unclear at this time, follow TinhhayVIP for full updates and details of Thuy Tien’s debt-tripping drama.

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