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December is one of the most beautiful months. Because weather conditions vary from region to region. Traveling in December is a very affordable choice and promises to bring interesting experiences for all visitors.

December is the transition time of the Lunar New Year. with cold early winter winds in the north and clear skies in the middle of the dry season in the south. enjoy nature and refresh the soul Is the choice of many Vietnamese people.

1. Enjoy the wonderful nature of Phu Quoc

December is when Phu Quoc enters the dry season and is the most beautiful tourist season here. Phu Quoc has a good climate. Beautiful scenery surrounded by blue sea Visitors here can enjoy swimming and participating in interesting sea games.

One thing to note is that December is the peak season for Phu Quoc. And the number of tourists to Phu Quoc is very high. Therefore, the cost of traveling, eating and staying here is quite high. To get the best deals You should book flights and hotels a month or two in advance of your trip.

2. See the coldest snow in Sapa

Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate. With summer wetter than winter, the “cold” of Sapa is the “specialty” of the region.

I go in December but can't have more than 2

Especially if you want to experience cold weather clearly. December is the best time to come to Sapa, at this time Sapa has dense fog and white snow between the houses and hills.

Not only that, when Sapa is chosen as a tourist destination in December, tourists gather around a red fire to enjoy delicious grilled dishes such as roasted chestnuts, game meat, lamb rice, warm corn by the glass and wine.

3. Watching the sea of ​​dew, watching buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

Buckwheat flowers start to bloom around October, November and can be harvested around December This year is the last time to see buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang, it is easy to see the scene of people on the highland. baskets, carrying triangular buckwheat throughout the fields. Meanwhile at this time of year you will have the opportunity to enjoy typical products from buckwheat: buckwheat cake, buckwheat wine, buckwheat tea…

I went in December and couldn't be more than 3.

Many young people choose to carry their backpacks to enjoy the beauty of Ha Giang and then enjoy the beauty of the sea of ​​clouds and ice on the two famous peaks of Tecon Linh and Cuu Sau.

Chieu Lau, in the local language means ‘ninth floor’. make visitors feel like they are lost in paradise

>>> Discover more detailed and convenient Phu Quoc travel experiences that you need to know to have a complete tour of the pearl island.

4. Follow the stars in the foggy city

Tam Dao is known as the ‘second Da Lat of the North’ and is a tourist destination not to be missed in the whole country. Because of the beautiful scenery and fresh air. Must see for people living in the north of the country, especially young people with no money. With the right conditions, Tam Dao is very suitable for a bonding trip and is the perfect destination for couples.

I went in December But I can't go over 4

in December The entire three paths will be covered in fog. Floating on the side of the mountain waiting for poetic and mysterious enthusiasts to visit and explore.

5. Colors of flowers and grass in Da Lat

For example, Da Lat in the northern mountainous region, the “real” Da Lat cannot be ignored.

Wild sunflowers and hydrangeas bloom in Da Lat in December. And the Dalat Flower Festival is also held during this time. Visitors who choose to visit during this time can take a leisurely stroll. Follow the zigzag path and explore some beautiful check-in locations like the Valley of Love. Lang Biang mountain, Ho Xuan Huong…

I went in December and couldn't have had more than 5.

With poetic scenery and cool air, misty Da Lat deserves the nickname “Land of Heaven”. ‘City of Love’

If you are looking for a place to warm your love in December. Da Lat is the place for you.

6. The most livable city in Vietnam – Da Nang

under the northern cold December in Da Nang is also a bit cooler. The temperature here ranges from 20 to 28 degrees Celsius and the bright sunlight is very suitable for recreational activities.

i went in december But i can't go until june.

Especially, Da Nang is famous as “City of Bridges.” When coming here, you should visit Dragon Bridge. Chantilly Bridge and Han River Bridge

The advice for tourists is that it is possible to combine Da Nang tourism at this time, because both Da Nang and Hoi An tourism are very close to each other and have beautiful scenery of scattered drizzle in the area. poem.

7. See the beauty of the Southern countryside

If you don’t like the cold winds of early winter. Please consider the warm tourist spots in Japan such as the southern countries.

I went in December and I couldn't get past 7.

The ideal stopover for your journey “Downstream the South” is Tra Sue Melaleuca forest (An Giang), where you can visit the most famous temple in Chau Doc (An Giang) and experience the standard atmosphere. buzzed. Discover the beauty of river culture at the largest ornamental flower village in the West of Quy Don Tet flower season (Sadek, Dong Thap), or go down the Mekong River to discover the beauty of river culture at Cai Lan Floating Market (Can) .friend)…

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