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The detailed Ha Long tourist map below will show famous sights that visitors will “cry” if they do not have the opportunity to visit and check in on this beautiful bay.

Ha Long city has beautiful nature. have 1-0-2 let’s explore Ha Long tourist map See below to plan your exploration from AZ without missing out on the ravishing scenery.

1. Overview of Ha Long tourist map

Ha Long is an interesting tourist destination of Quang Ninh province. It is about 165 km east of Hanoi and 70 km northeast of Hai Phong.

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When coming here, visitors will experience different types of landscapes. Including hills, valleys, coasts and islands, Ha Long Bay, Bai Chai, Tuan Chau Beach, Hong Gai, etc. are all places with charming landscapes that attract many tourists on the map. Ha Long tourism.

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2. Ha Long Bay tourist map

with an area of ​​1,553 square kilometers and a system of 1,900 large and small limestone islands that are endowed by nature with a variety of unique and vivid shapes. Ha Long Bay has twice been recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage.Become one of the new seven natural wonders of the world announced by New7Wonders.

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Here, visitors are free to explore, experience and enjoy many wonderful destinations such as:

Thuan Chau Island

This is the most beautiful island on the Ha Long tourist map with long beaches, clear blue water, colorful resorts and entertainment centers. The white sandy Trakoe Beach is also the largest man-made beach in Vietnam.

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beach fire

Unfortunately, you have not been to Quang Ninh and have never been to Bai Chay and enjoy swimming at this beautiful beach in this tourist paradise and participating in many interesting and fun activities here. The bridge at night is also an important symbol of the city that you should admire.

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Liu Island

Leu Island, which attracts tourists with its natural beauty and charm. There is a beautiful natural landscape. very suitable for the soul of a fastidious traveler. This is known as ‘Little Dubai’ because visitors can watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset. Visit many rare animals along with thousands of mischievous and friendly monkeys. And one-of-a-kind contact with nature.

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The resort is located on the tourist map of Ha Long. Among the deep islands like poems and dreams Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long It is a very famous hotel. Royal design like a fairy castle towering over the sea will make you fall in love at first sight.

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upper island

The island with steep slopes and coastline is famous for its quiet, peaceful and clean beaches. On the tourist map of Ha Long, Ti Top beach is likened to the moon covering the island’s foot. Unforgettable beauty

magic cave

Tham Son Sot is located in an area with many famous tourist attractions. Attracting visitors with rich and vivid stalactite and stalagmite fossils. People marveled and marveled at its beauty. The beauty of great creations

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Dao Ngo Cave

Called the ‘fairy cave’ by the French, this place is home to a wide variety of plants in a humid and sunny environment due to the dense layer of ancient moss and wide openings such as mosses and ferns. , perennial trees … create a unique feature unlike any other cave in the bay.

Thien Kung Cave

With an area of ​​​​about 10,000m2, Thien Cung cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long. It is located in the northern part of Dauko Island. Inside the cave is divided into many floors, many compartments, with high and wide ceilings and walls. This intricate structure gives it a unique beauty that is both intense and majestic.

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Koh Mahin

Shigujima is about 8 km high, looks like a giant guard dog from a distance. both heavy and elegant This painting is very familiar to Vietnamese people. Because the stone dog image is always one of the talismans to ward off the intrusion of evil spirits.

Trommie Island

Amid the large waves of the bay, two rocks more than 10 meters high emerge like a rooster and a hen side by side, making it a must-see destination for visitors when sailing in the bay.

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perfume island

Like an ancient screen, Hong Dinh Fung lives up to its name. Standing in the water with four bent legs like an incense burner. Visitors can watch this phenomenon during low tide.

Cua Van Fishing Village

Immersing yourself in the quiet area of ​​Cua Van fishing village is a bold Vietnamese experience in Ha Long travel guide. Here you can also learn about the traditional cultural life of fishermen such as learning how to cast nets, row a boat, release shrimp and fish…

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Batrai Dao Beach

Called Ba Trai Peach because the beach has three curved sides with fine white sand embracing a small mountain, looking from afar it looks like three peaches. This site is located near Cat Ba Island, about 22 km from Bai Chay.

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3. Ha Long Tourist Map – Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay is a famous tourist destination of Ha Long. With more than 600 large and small islands, enchanting rocky mountains and sky, beautiful archipelagos with 1-0-2 often leave an indelible impression in the hearts of domestic and international tourists.

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Senran Island

The most prominent feature that attracts visitors to Kwang Lan Island is its large green space and pristine landscape. The island preserves many historical and cultural vestiges of our ancestors in the fight against foreign invaders. that’s so important

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Pearl Islands

The island is only 35 km from Tuan Chau Port, named after the poem Ngoc Vung Island. Occurs from the traditional profession of exploiting pearls on the seabed from time immemorial. The aura of the mussels can be seen forming a ring of light around the island (known in many places as ‘Sang Nga’).

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4. Ha Long Tourist Map – Kotu . Island

The beauty of Koto is an eye-catching blend of trees. white clouds and blue sky quiet fishing village and the friendliness, kindness and hospitality of the people here.

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Famous beaches like Van Chai, Hong Van are clear, you can see them below. Young people also like to constantly check in and live.

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summary round Ha Long tourist map With tons of interesting attractions You and your family can happily plan to explore the beautiful 1-0-2 towns and nature of Arizona, right?

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