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If you’ve ever started a one-step garlic recipe and found that the type of garlic you just made didn’t go well with your meal, it might be time to learn about different types of garlic.

The variety of garlic you use in your dishes can be an important factor in its success.

We’ll start with two common types of garlic: hard-neck garlic and soft-neck garlic. The difference between the two is important in choosing what to use in the dish.

type of garlic

There are many other types of garlic. There’s a lot to know and I’ll share my favorites below.

fried garlic

Cultivated hard garlic is similar to wild garlic grown around the world.

These plants produce large cloves that surround the flower stalks. The cloves have a milder flavor than the soft cloves. although easier to peel, it has become a popular choice for use in cooking.

A common but incorrect assumption is that elephant garlic falls into this category.

although there are some common characteristics But elephant garlic is a completely different genus and is not garlic at all.

Many larger stubborn garlic varieties are more colorful with purples and reds, such as German Reds and Creoles.

fried garlic

Young garlic is a popular option available at your favorite grocery store.

They are usually smaller in size but have more cloves than hard neck garlic. One of the advantages of these varieties is their long shelf life.

They are also easier to grow, making them a popular choice among gardeners.

while hard garlic has a mild flavor. But the taste of young garlic has many different flavors. Because garlic is highly adaptable, it can be grown almost anywhere.

The flavor of soft neck garlic depends on the climate where they are grown. Generally Plants that grow in cooler climates will produce cloves in hotter climates. But this also varies depending on the type of garlic.

Asian Hard Neck

This variety and subspecies of garlic is most commonly grown in Asia. It has an intense flavor combined with hot and spicy flavors. There are many varieties of this hot garlic.

The thick skin of the garlic centella asiatica makes peeling very difficult. Unlike other stiff necks though, they are my favorite choice for serving spicy food.

Many Asian varieties display deep purple tubers. Although the color varies with some varieties having brown and pink heads.

Edible shrimp of these varieties are large and even. Common types of garlic centella asiatica include:

  • Asian storm
  • Korean mountain
  • Japanese Garlic

Creole stiff neck

Known for its deep purple skin. Creole Creole grows in temperate regions such as Mexico, South America, and California.

These are late varieties that can be planted later in the fall than other types of garlic without affecting the garlic’s ability to grow.

They are also easier to grow than other hard-necked varieties.

Compared to other hard-necked breeds, Creole varieties tend to have medium-sized shrimp. One of the most prized Creole garlic is called Keeper.

I find this garlic to be particularly versatile, with a distinctive yet distinct flavor.

Many varieties of garlic of this variety are worth enjoying. And I love using this garlic when grilling vegetables and potatoes.

Neck stiff, covered with purple stripes.

The hard, purple-striped throat forms the most attractive head of the garlic family.

I love the shiny, almost metallic purple and white striped finish. The clove tree itself usually has a purple bark.

It can be harder to find purple-colored garlic than some commercially available varieties.

If you can find these beauties The taste of this variety shows a complex taste with spicy and garlic aromas.

Heat varies depending on where they grow. But people appreciate that purple stripes are likely to grow in cooler climates.

harnet purple marble pattern

The hard, marbled purple stripe neck has many features in common with other purple striped garlic varieties.

What stands out the most is his cold strength. However, not all aspects were shared. Unlike other hardcore varieties, especially other purple-striped varieties, the purple-marble stripe is a strong anchor.

Despite the similarity in name and some shared features. But all purple-banded varieties are genetically unique to each other.

The marbled purple neck is spicy and can be very spicy when eaten raw. This makes it a strong choice for dishes like stir-fries.

Examples of marbled purple-striped garlic include Moscow Red, Russian, and Nordic.

Middle Eastern stiff neck

Another subspecies of the hardneck is the Middle Eastern hardneck. less obvious than other garlic groups

This variety has slender leaves but large petals, white bark, sometimes pinkish.

The heads of these varieties of leeks are slightly distorted compared to other hard-necked varieties of leeks.

This would be one of the hardest garlic to track down in the United States.

Although they have good performance in terms of storage. But most markets won’t do that because they don’t grow well here.

Hot locations may have better luck than this.

hard neck porcelain

The hard porcelain neck produces large cloves with a satisfying garlic flavor.

The bark of the clove will turn white with minimal coloration. Skin will be firm and shiny. But it’s still pretty easy to peel off.

This garlic variety grows from one of the largest garlic plants that can grow up to 6 feet tall.

Although many varieties have slightly different characteristics. But research shows that most ancient varieties are genetically similar.

Despite this information But I have found many different types of garlic. From the cold-hearted, porcelain can be used in many dishes, such as pasta sauces and stews.

Because many species grow in cold climates. Some species are spicy.

stiff neck with purple stripes

Another group that is different from others with similar names is the purple striped neck, which is delicious.

The medium to large cloves usually grow in clusters of about ten petals at the top of this plant.

This variety in the Garlic category has purple striped skin on its head. Although the exact color depends on the species.

Spanish Roja in particular is one of the most popular purple striped garlic varieties. Cloves from these plants contain a lot of flavor while still being mild.

It is also a great choice for storage! I love buying Spanish Roja at the local farmers market. Keep an eye out for this variety in your local market.

Rocambol stiff neck

Rocambol garlic is the most commonly grown among hardy garlic varieties.

These plants are among the most popular culinary choices because of their rich, complex flavors with a hint of sweetness.

Rocambole’s favorite choice when it comes to adding raw garlic to dishes, as it’s less irritating while keeping my taste buds in check.

Although not commonly grown in North America. But it is well stored for up to eight months.

The Rocambole leek variety is very special compared to other leeks. Look for dark green leaves that are almost blue to spot Rocambol garlic as it grows.

folded towel

The last stubborn breed on the list. stubborn variety Usually ripens faster than other types of garlic.

because they tend to germinate early. Therefore, it does not perform as well when stored compared to other types of garlic.

Light bulbs come in many colors. Some species have red or purple stripes. While the leather has a few colors. The cloves themselves are usually brown in color.

from my experience The stiff turban creates intensity on the palate. Although some people also start to become very hot. Known varieties in this group include:

  • chinese bar
  • bask
  • Red Janis
  • flower

Soft Silverskin Collar

While there are many varieties of hard neck garlic. But soft-necked breeds will have only 2 main groups, the first group is silver-skinned varieties.

When you buy garlic from the grocery store Silver shell is a commercially available variety. because it has the best property to preserve

Silver-skinned leeks grow pale green leaves and rarely produce flower stalks. The top of this plant is white. But some species are slightly pink.

These varieties produce more cloves than other types of garlic, although they are slightly smaller. Silver-peel garlic also has a spicy to mild taste.

Soft Neck Artichoke

When I want to use different types of soft connections, but still need a sizable clove. I’ll look for artichoke soft neck garlic.

This variety is another commonly sold because they also preserve very well.

The shrimp is slightly larger than the silver shrimp. And the size of the shrimp can make it difficult to peel.

This garlic head is white. Some are pink or light brown. The cloves of this type of garlic are usually white in color and are divided into two layers.

The outer cloves are more prominent while the inner ones are narrower.

Soft neck artichokes have different flavors depending on the weather. So expect to find them in a variety of flavors. from mild to spicy

type of garlic

  1. fried garlic
  2. fried garlic
  3. Asian Hard Neck
  4. Creole stiff neck
  5. Neck stiff, covered with purple stripes.
  6. Purple marble hard floor
  7. Middle Eastern stiff neck
  8. hard neck porcelain
  9. stiff neck with purple stripes
  10. Rocambol stiff neck
  11. folded towel
  12. Soft Silverskin Collar
  13. Soft Neck Artichoke

final thought

Finding the best garlic to use in your dishes can make a huge difference in flavor.

You are now a garlic expert. You will know which type of garlic works best with your meal. When picking garlic You have more options than you expect!

From mild varieties to spicy options. There’s the perfect garlic to spice up your dishes.

Learn other basic ingredients to use, such as different types of onions for cooking!

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