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Dinner in Hoi An is not the only pleasure. It is also a unique experience for visitors to understand more about the old town and unique and extremely attractive Hoi An traditional dishes.

Meet the beauty of the old city at night that visitors should definitely not miss the food. Dinner in Hoi An Famous. Only much of Hoi An Cuisine is unique enough to satisfy even the most gourmet. Let’s explore

1. Evening snacks in Hoi An

1.1.Skewer food at night in Hoi An

If going to eat at night in Hoi An Why not try to set firewood first? The pork skewers are delicately seasoned with salt, pepper, five spices, white wine and coconut milk, then seasoned with honey and grilled over charcoal to bring out the aroma of the meat.

You can eat it as is. In addition, you can enjoy the sweetness of the meat by adding rice paper, wet cake and some fresh vegetables. And the rich sauce made from minced beef and peanuts mixed with the spicy taste of red pepper, garlic, onion, lemongrass and more is a flavor that will captivate anyone who visits. Street food can be easily found in markets, sidewalk eateries when traveling to Hoi An.

1.2. Sweet banana cake

Wondering what to eat at the night market in Hoi An? The answer is look at the freshly baked banana bread. It’s a favorite treat for many on a chilly evening.

Made with simple ingredients like sticky rice, banana and coconut milk, the sweetness of banana and sticky rice mixed with the fleshy taste of coconut is the perfect combination. This gives a very subtle flavor. This is why couples and tourists who go out for a night out in Hoi An often choose this snack.

1.3.Hoi An dry specialty

Hoi An cuisine never lacks dry food specialties. But the most famous are the toasted coconut cake and the green bean cake. Quang Nam grilled coconut cake is made from fresh coconut. Glutinous flour and sugar are baked until golden brown, crispy in the mouth without losing the spicy coconut flavor.

Hoi An green bean cake is even more special. The green bean cake here is both dry and wet. Unlike Hai Duong pancakes, there are both dry and wet fillings, round fillings, sweet and savory fillings with fried pork.

Green bean cake, toasted coconut cake are Hoi An's evening specialties and perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

1.4.Ochazuke, pickled fruit, tube cream…

After having dinner in Hoi An with my sister. There is nothing better than enjoying a cold dessert like tea, pickled fruit and tube ice cream that are sold in many stores.

Dinner in Hoi An is very diverse and rich.  With so many options for candy lovers to explore.

It is no coincidence that many people refer to this place as “Paradise of tea” because it has delicious tea. Many to choose from Black sesame tea (Shimapu), Nam Lai tea, to lotus seed tea, corn tea, water drifting tea, green bean tea, rose tea… Especially the Tom Yum Pork Sausage menu. It is a highlight that the sweet lovers should not miss.

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Vinpearl resort system owns a prime location in the center of Hoi An or on the beautiful beach.  enabling visitors to enjoy top-notch services and facilities.  This is convenient for exploring Hoi An at night.

2. Hoi An late-night food will make you full

2.1.Kao Lao – A feature of Hoi An cuisine

A typical bowl of vermicelli in Hoi An usually includes all kinds of fresh, sour, spicy, salty and sweet vermicelli, served with raw vegetables and soy sauce. seasoning powder and fish sauce This is a unique dish not to be missed when coming to this land.

Cao Lau eats hungry at night in Hoi An Photo: Pinterest

Some addresses of famous Hoi An night restaurants:

  • Cao Lau Thanh: No. 26, Thai Phien, Hoi An
  • Kaoh Lao Hong: No. 18, Thai Phien, Hoi An…

2.2 Grilled beef wet cake

If you’ve never enjoyed wet cake and roast beef at dinner in Hoi An, it’s heaven.

The dish is attractive with an unexpected combination of very rustic ingredients such as meat skewers, wet cakes, fresh vegetables and rich dipping sauces. If you’re wrapping hot, fragrant meat, roll it up and marinate in the sauce. It will be a delicious taste that even those who are passionate about this meat will love it. Because it’s quite popular. Therefore, you can easily find dishes at tourist attractions in Hoi An.

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Some famous addresses:

  • Selling Mr. Suwan along the way in Kasik garden.
  • At the intersection of Hai Ba Trung and Tran Hung Dao
  • Hoai riverside food court…

2.3.Mussels scooping rice paper

Mussel cakes are easy to prepare and cheap, but fresh mussels are even more delicious when stir-fried with spices, laksa leaves, fried onions, fried onions, peanuts, adding hot peppers and sweet and sour fish sauce, rice paper and banh loc. . Crunchy is a ‘normal’ thing in Hoi An’s culinary village.

One of the special features of the nightlife in Hoi An is the pungent taste of the old town Photo: Pinterestes

Several restaurants in Hoi An have their famous fried mussel cakes.

  • Ba Gia mussels in village 1, Cam Nam, Hoi An
  • Cam Nam Shop, 679, Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An
  • Co Ngai restaurant is located in Hoi An, Cam Nam and Nguyen Tri Phong.

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2.4 Cao Xa Cake – Hoi An Specialty

Cao Xa cake is made from pureed glutinous rice, the filling is red beans, sugar and coconut, the general color of the cake is brown brown outside, the inside is red and pink scattered, the rest is the highlight. of this gift.

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2.5.Van Cake – White Rose Cake

In Hoi An cuisine, Hot Pot Cake is also known as “White Rose Cake” because of its pure white appearance. shaped like a cleverly blooming flower The cake is seasoned with shrimp and meat with rich spices. And the dough is so soft that it melts in your mouth.

Quai cauldron cake is a night dish served with fried onions and spicy chili garlic fish sauce.Photo: Pinterest.

Addresses of some famous night hotpot restaurants:

  • 533 Hai Ba Trung, Cam Pho, Hoi An White Rose Shop
  • Old Market and Hoi An

2.6 Pho Hoi An

Pho Hoi An is a popular breakfast dish among locals and attracts many tourists. including actress Donnie Yen and her husband, Thin and slightly chewy noodle soup served with sweet noodle soup and thin slices of beef as soft as ‘rice leaves’.

Mix in basil, scallions, chopped onion, and a bit of peanuts for a flavor everyone will love. If you want a little more ‘anise’, order some extra chicken or scrambled eggs to keep your stomach warm whenever you’re looking for a meal.

Pho is a delicious dish of Hoi An that looks very different from Hanoi Pho or Saigon Pho Photo: Young Intellectuals

Guests can also order food from the hotel’s restaurants and bars to enjoy the nightlife of Hoi An without having to travel far. Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi AnMany services are open until 11pm and are ideal for those looking for a private and luxurious space to meet.

The restaurant and bar of Vinpearl Hotel is open until 23:00, an ideal place for guests to experience the nightlife of Hoi An.

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3. A few notes when dining in Hoi An

  • Most restaurants and night markets close by 10pm, so don’t arrive too late.
  • With evening food delivery service in Hoi An Even travelers who are far from restaurants and night markets can easily order food.
  • Among the attractions and entertainment in Hoi An, you should choose a hotel with a convenient location for sightseeing. Eat and entertain. See reservations at Vinpearl Resort & Spa Hoi An when Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An recently!

Vinpearl Hotel owns a system of luxurious restaurants.  This makes it easy for you to meet your dining needs in Hoi An without having to travel far.

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with cooking list Dinner in Hoi An Are you ready to start the journey to discover the beauty of Hoi An at night with your family and loved ones?

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