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Phu Quoc primeval forest is not a famous tourist destination. But there are many interesting things for those who love to explore. Where is this forest? What is the route like? And what’s interesting?

In addition to familiar places Phu Quoc tropical forest There are still many interesting things waiting for you to discover. Here you can not only enjoy nature. but also enjoy the quiet and private space. Learn more about this burning forest through the articles below!

1. What is primary forest?

Primary forest is understood as a growing forest that has not been affected by humans. And maintain a unique ecosystem of flora and fauna, rivers, streams…and especially evergreen forest, where the air is very fresh because it is a fresh forest. unpolluted by external factors

Today, there are very few primeval forests left in the world that are exploited by humans. Phu Quoc rainforest is one of the few primeval forests in Vietnam. It still retains its original beauty and brings fresh air. This makes this place a favorite attraction of many people, especially those who love to explore and want to return to nature.

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2. Where is Phu Quoc primeval forest and what’s interesting?

2.1.Location of Phu Quoc primeval forest

Phu Quoc tropical forest Located in Phu Quoc National Park in the northeast of Phu Quoc Island, about 35 km from Duong Dong town, this is a place with an area of ​​​​more than 31,000 hectares, accounting for 70% of the entire island area.

The entire primeval forest of Phu Quoc belongs to the North Island Nature Reserve. along with the areas of Ham Long, Ngang Dau, and Cua Cang mountains.

Nguyen Tin Phu Quoc 02

2.2 What is Phu Quoc rainforest?

One of the outstanding features of Phu Quoc rainforest is that it has not been lost and is still preserved to this day.

In addition, if all the forests in Vietnam have only one ecosystem, this is primeval forest. This includes all forest ecosystems. including mangroves, malluk forests, secondary forests and habitats of rare animals, namely

To explore the primeval forests of Phu Quoc, do not miss the following interesting activities:

  • Explore the lush vegetation

As a national park in Phu Quoc, the most special thing here is definitely the abundance of vegetation. Coming to Phu Quoc primeval forest, you will admire the tall, shady trees. From vines to perennials Tall and short trees provide shade and a cool atmosphere.

Vibrant Nguyen Thin Phu Quoc 03

In addition to green trees, Phu Quoc primeval forest also has rare plant species such as Lan Van Hai, Doc Lap Ai Lan, Am Lan Nui, Kenam, licorice, Nanjang, Docheon, Sanan…

Color Nguyen Thin Phu Quoc 04

  • Take a cool bath in a beautiful stream.

In addition to the green of the trees Deep in the old forest You can immediately feel the cool breeze from picturesque streams such as Trang River, Davao River and Dagon River originating from the Ham mountain range immediately.

Vivid Nguyen Tin Phu Quoc 05

Note that the Chang River and Da Bang River are very beautiful in the rainy season. If it comes in the dry season, the water in the stream will dry up. Phu Quoc National Park also has a beautiful seven-tiered Dagon River. It’s like a place where water flows all year round. it’s one of the most beautiful rivers in pearl island

Exciting Nguyen Thin Phu Quoc 06

  • Step on the ‘roof’ of Phu Quoc

After enjoying the fresh air and cold water, exercise your health by conquering the ‘roof’ of Phu Quoc-Nui Chua in the Bai Thom complex, which is the highest mountain on the Pearl Island with an altitude of 603 meters. in Ham Ninh Mountain.

Brilliant Nguyen Thin Phu Quoc 07

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3. The most complete guide to discovering the primeval forest of Phu Quoc.

3.1.Prepare before moving

so you can discover Phu Quoc Rainforest For a complete method, you should prepare the following:

  • Comfortable, lightweight sneakers for effortless mobility thanks to gravel roads and high mountain peaks.
  • Choose clothes that are medium-sized, thin, and sweat-wicking. so that you can move freely Choose long clothes especially in nature to avoid mosquito and insect bites.
  • If you are traveling alone by motorbike You should check your fluids, brakes and wheels before you set off. Because there is no point in fixing any problems along the way.
  • Please bring water and food as walking through the jungle can make you dehydrated and tired
  • Finally, get enough sleep and recharge before your flight. To increase the power to explore Phu Quoc primeval forest.

3.2 Road to Phu Quoc Rainforest

The road to Phu Quoc primeval forest is not difficult, from Duong Dong town (Phu Quoc) follow Duong Dong – Ham Ninh route to Ham Ninh commune. Head back about 10km to the north of the island, where lush forest awaits you.

Nguyen Tin Phu Quoc 08

However, that is only the beginning. And you have to conquer the rainforest about 50 km away in 1 to 2 hours. However, feel free to explore if you are inexperienced and entering the forest for the first time. You should go to visit Phu Quoc rainforest and have a guide to not lose much time.

Vibrant Nguyen Thin Phu Quoc 09

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4. Notes when coming to Phu Quoc Rainforest

In addition to preparing before going You should also note a few things, such as:

  • There should be basic medicines in the bag such as anti-diarrheal medicine, headache medicine … to prevent bad luck that may happen. It is recommended to bring both insect repellent and sunscreen…
  • Keep 1-2 sets of clothes in your luggage in case they get dirty and wet without changing clothes in time.
  • Bring your camera and mobile phone to take beautiful pictures. Check-in at Phu Quoc primeval forest. Don’t forget to bring a power bank so you don’t run out of battery on the go.

5. Hotels near Phu Quoc Virgin Forest

To be able to fully explore Phu Quoc You should not just prepare your luggage carefully. But also choose the ideal resort so that you can easily travel and explore the more beautiful landscapes of Phu Quoc.

Among the resorts in the north of the island You can refer to the system of Vinpearl Phu Quoc that offers a wide selection of high-class hotels / resorts. Vinholidays Fiesta Phu Quoc, Vinpearl Discovery Greenhill Phu Quoc, Vinpearl Discovery Wonder World Phu Quoc, Win Oasis Phu Quoc….

Phu Quoc Rainforest

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In addition to the high-end resort The facilities and services were at a high level. It also gives you access to other recreational activities. Easy to stay nearby as you explore the city that never sleeps. Grand World Phu Quoc,Be happy Win Wonders, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc..

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Phu Quoc tropical forest with pure beauty It’s a place you want to go at least once in your life. Hopefully the article has provided you with useful information in the journey to discover the largest forest in Phu Quoc. and prepare well

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