Discover the flavors of 9 of the world’s best coffee recipes.

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Coffee is a popular drink in many countries. Therefore, each country has its own type of coffee. Create an unmistakable taste Want to know where the top 9 best coffees in the world come from?

1. Mazagran Coffee, Portugal

For many, an odd combination of Portuguese coffee and Mazagran lemonade.

The ingredients of this coffee are lemon, ice, iced coffee and sugar, if you want to make Mazagran, first put the required amount of sugar and a small cup of coffee in the cup, then add a cup of lemon juice small and shake , and you’re done. make this mysterious coffee

2. Eiskaffee Coffee, Germany

To make the best coffee in the world You need to prepare ingredients such as fresh cream, fresh cream, iced coffee and chocolate.

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This method of making coffee is very interesting. First, put 2 tablespoons of cream in the cup. Then quickly pour a smaller cup of coffee. Pour whipped cream over the mixture. And finally, sprinkle chocolate powder, sprinkle… on top and you’re done. It is a sweet, aromatic and fatty coffee like cream or whipped cream.

3. Iced Coffee, Vietnam

This famous Vietnamese coffee is very easy to make. To make a good cup of coffee, you only need coffee, a few tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk and ice, only the coffee used to make iced coffee is strong and often filtered, so it will be difficult to drink. bear. very strong. perfect taste

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This popular drink is very suitable for the hot and humid climate of Vietnam. Many foreign guests are very interested in enjoying iced coffee on the sidewalk in Saigon. Of course, you can order this coffee in most stores anywhere.

4. Espresso, Italy

First appearing in smuggling countries around the 1930s, today’s espresso has become very popular in coffee culture around the world. And it is one of the best coffees in the world. For real Italian espresso Look for bars in Rome where locals comment on football over coffee.

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There’s nothing like visiting a famous Italian place with an espresso in hand!

5. Egg coffee, Austria

in a vienna cafe “Take your time and space But only pay for the coffee.” That’s what UNESCO says when it adds the Viennese coffee culture to its list of intangible cultural heritage, and there are a few cafes here that are more than 300 years old.

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This egg coffee is made by stirring egg yolks with a glass of honey (and sometimes cognac) while stirring slowly. Add coffee to cook eggs However, this type of coffee is very popular in Vietnam. Of course, the taste is More “Vietnamese style”

6. Fika Coffee, Sweden

Swedes love coffee more than most people in the world, whether it’s black, white, filter coffee or espresso. Most Swedes drink coffee during the traditional break known as ‘fika’. In addition to coffee, there are many delicious cakes and dishes that I enjoy with my close friends.

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7. Cortado Coffee, Argentina

Argentina has a proud coffee culture. and cortado coffee served in a small cup with some espresso and some foam on top. The popularity of this coffee can be attributed to its simple taste, without too much sugar, milk or other flavors.

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8. Coffee Noon Noos, Morocco

‘Noonoos’ means ‘half and half’ in Arabic because the best coffee in the world is half espresso and half hot milk. Coffee is poured from a hand-painted espresso machine. Serve with hot milk and serve in Moroccan glasses.

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9. Coffee shop, Japan

“Kissaten” is a traditional Japanese tea and coffee shop – a business model that gradually evolved. Disappeared in Japan due to the popularity of modern cafes served in porcelain cups. Coffee is usually filtered through a coffee strainer and served in porcelain cups filled with milk.

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Drinking coffee is gradually becoming a culture in many countries around the world. including Vietnam The best coffee in the world This!

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