Dive into the experiences of backpacking Ti Top Island in Quang Ninh for your reference.

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With beautiful sloping coastlines, fine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, Ti Top Island in Quang Ninh is a must-see in your Halong discovery tour. This place is also known as “Paradise” for those who love to travel.

happy with nature enchanting natural scenery upper island Quang Ninh is visited by many tourists, especially in the summer, in this article, let’s explore and experience this beautiful island to make your trip more interesting and meaningful.

1. Where is Titop Island in Quang Ninh?

Titop is known as one of the most beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay. 7-8 km from Bai Chay tourist area to the southeast, the island leans on Cua Luc Bay, with Bo Hon island. Surprise Cave in front and diving island on the right

From above, Tee Top has steep banks, floating markets and long sandy beaches. The beach is shaped like a moon embracing the island’s foot. This place is also an ideal stopover for tourists when traveling to Ha Long Bay.

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Unlike the rest of the bay, Tee Top has a very beautiful and peaceful natural environment. It has a long sandy beach and the frequent ebb and flow makes it very clean. The water is clear in all four seasons and you can see the pebbles in the sand

Ti Top Island of Quang Ninh is a small island. So there are very few interesting things to do. Full day tours allow you to visit, explore and experience all the activities of the island. Therefore, visitors should book hotels that are convenient for travel.

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long Ti Top Island in Quang Ninh is only 7-8 km away but has a system of modern rooms with many interesting facilities. especially You can easily move from here to Titop island and nearby places.

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  • address: Leu Island, Bai Chay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province
  • Phone: 84-203 385 7858
  • Email: [email protected]

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2. History of Titop Island, Ha Long Bay

Many tourists coming here have the same question: why is the island called Tetope? Who is Tetope Island?

Previously, Ti Top Island of Quang Ninh was known as Guia Diem Island or Hong Tu Island. to explain the origin of this name It is said that when a French cargo ship entered Ha Long Bay in 1905, one of the ships hit a reef in the area due to lack of navigator.

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The crew’s bodies were brought to the island for burial. To commemorate the misfortune, the villagers named the island Titop Island. On the map of Ha Long Bay drawn by the French colonialists, Ti Top is named Cat Nang.

On November 22, 1962, President Ho Chi Minh and Soviet cosmonaut Gierman Titop visited the island. To commemorate this event, Uncle Ho named the island Titop.

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3. The road leading to Titop island in Quang Ninh today

I want to travel now teetop island In Quang Ninh, tourists come in many forms. The three most popular and easiest ways are to rent a boat. Cruise ship or sea plane

3.1. Rent a boat to Koh Tee Bon

Ti Top Island Tour is one of the stops on the tourist route from Ha Long Bay 2 to Ti Top Island, you just need to buy tickets, rent a boat and visit the bay. Visitors should note that the Bay Management Board does not sell retail tickets to visit Titop Island but sells tickets to visit the bay.

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Fares for all trains are from 500,000 – 700,000 VND / hour / train. For retail passengers traveling by train for 150,000 – 250,000 VND / person (excluding entrance tickets and meals) You can also visit and explore famous attractions such as Koh Tham Song Sot, Tham Luang. ..

3.2. Boat trip to Titop island

During an overnight cruise in the bay You will visit Ti Top Island in Quang Ninh, but the price of this tour is quite high. From millions of VND to tens of millions of VND depending on the yacht and the time spent on the cruise.

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See itineraries on major yachts such as Starlight, Emeraude, Paradise Luxury, Oko, Bahia Classic, Sirena, Calypso, Paloma, V’Spirit and Aclass…

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3.3. Rent a seaplane to Titop Island

Recently, the trip to Dia Dau Island in Quang Ninh by seaplane has attracted the attention of tourists with this form of tourism. Depart from Tuan Chau Island and fly to an altitude of about 300 meters to enjoy the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay from above. The seaplane lands on Titop Island, where visitors can relax and explore the natural beauty.

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Each trip costs about 1.5-2.5 million VND/person/time. This is a unique form of transportation. It is loved and chosen by many customers. especially young people

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4. Interesting experience in Ha Long, Ti Top Island

Owning open terrain with forest beauty upper island In Quang Ninh, in addition to being immersed in nature, there are many interesting entertainment activities.

4.1. Swimming at Boon Chan beach

Titop owns a beautiful beach, also known as Vuong Trang Beach. When viewed from above, the beach looks like a full moon enveloping the island.

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The tees are not too big compared to the surrounding beaches. But it is very airy, quiet and exceptionally clean. Dirt was washed away by the stream. Leading to pure white sands and blue waters that change with the seasons. Visitors cannot ignore swimming in the discovery of Ti Top Island in Quang Ninh, which is also the most favorite place to escape the summer sun.

4.2. Kayaking

Kayaking is an activity not to be missed when coming to Titop, you can paddle your own small Kayak and go around. Caves to discover natural beauty

The most important thing in rowing is to keep your balance and paddle evenly so that they don’t tip over. Kayak rental to explore Titop 1 is about 150,000 VND an hour.

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4.3. Lifebuoy

Dragging floats is not a new game. But it still attracts a lot of visitors. Attach the buoy to a canoe or bicycle and pull it on the water at a speed of 50-80 km / h The buoy is ideal for groups of young people and corporate and corporate team building programs.

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4.4 Umbrellas

The game challenges courage and courage and participants must be in good health. Swinging in the wind while enjoying the beauty of Ha Long Bay from above. Very wobbly!

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4.5 Enjoy the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay from the top of Tea Top.

To reach the top of Titop, you have to climb more than 400 bumpy steps. However, we firmly believe that the natural setting here will not disappoint you.

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From here, visitors can zoom in on a panoramic view of nature between the four sides of the immense river.

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5. Notes when visiting the island

Titop is a place worth visiting in your itinerary in Ha Long. I would like to write the following information to make your trip more complete.

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  • Suggestions for the summer: In summer, Titop Island of Quang Ninh has white sand and golden sunshine. This is an ideal place to relax and explore, on the other hand, the winter weather on the island is very cold and the scenery is deserted.
  • Bring Ha Long specialties with you when going to the island. Tee Top is a natural island and untouched by many tourist activities. On the island there is very little food and rest. So, when visiting Teetop, you should bring some food to satisfy your hunger. Recommended for families and groups of friends to prepare seafood and have a BBQ on the beach.
  • Be careful when going up the stairs system when going up to the viewpoint on the top of the mountain. The road to the top of Titop mountain is quite difficult with 400 steps. You should pay attention to the road and stick to the handrail when getting up and down.
  • Please bring the necessary items: The weather on the island is sunny. Therefore, you should bring sunscreen to avoid sunburn. The ‘pocket’ items when coming to Titop island include swimwear, virtual living accessories and power banks….
  • Book hotels and cruises in advance: During the high season, Ha Long welcomes a large number of tourists from home and abroad. It is recommended to book hotels and boats in advance to avoid the situation of running out of rooms and train tickets.

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Besides Titop island, Ha Long Island tourist paradise also has Soi Sim island, Soi Sim island. By Tolong BayNgoc Bun Island, Co To Island, Quang Lan Island, Koh Ta Mungkorn, Ha Long… Visitors are free to explore and experience.

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Natural beauty is bestowed by nature upper island Quang Ninh is an interesting destination and a stopover for all visitors. Soak in cold water Relax on the long white sand beach. or enjoy amazing water activities Hope you have a safe and meaningful journey with what I have just given.

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