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DJ Soda is a name that no resident of Kim Chi’s country is unfamiliar with. Not only that, her name is well known to the global community thanks to her musical talent and sexy performance style, especially her extremely hot body.

DJ Soda – The goddess of the kimchi music village

Famed for her lively hits, her sound bursts with life wherever she goes. DJ Soda’s real name is Hwang So Hee, also called “Witch of Melodies”. Korea is the birthplace of the world’s greatest musical idols. Therefore, Soda’s “personality” is warmly and enthusiastically received by the fans.
Korean DJs
Besides her natural musical talent and huge success, she is also known for her extremely sexy photos posted on her personal page and her extremely hot performances.
witch of music

Appearance is also the highlight of this soda girl

Although not involved in the film world or even a model, DJ Soda is famous for his attractive beauty and super standard physique. With a body with an extremely standard 3 lap measurement, only men need to “lose their hearts”.
Music magician DJ Soda
Real men, you know what you see first. Round 1 is a noticeable highlight when escaping hidden under the fabric. It’s a masterpiece that many girls desire, not just us men.
DJ with big boobs
The standard measurements made this girl’s body almost devoid of dead spots. The slim waist creates a sweet curve between round 1 and round 3. That is why the image of her in a bikini attracts many fans. At times, viewers also feel sorry for the clothes Soda wears, which are always so tight they’re about to slip out.
hot girl

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What are DJ Soda’s major achievements?

Perhaps the title of one of the world’s most successful DJs doesn’t need to be played. Soda ranked 21st in the list of the most famous DJs in the world. The stage on which she performed had a large audience. She captivated listeners with a vibrant melody full of life. Soda always knows how to stir up space, the world when it gets up is always full of energy. Dancing to the music with a perfect body attracts everyone’s attention.
hot bikini girl
In addition to the productions watched by millions, DJ Soda also showed his talent with the super hit Faded-Alen Walker, which brought with it an extremely intense music wave. She is always an indispensable special guest at concerts in big cities like Seoul (Korea), Tokyo (Japan), Bangkok (Thailand), New York (USA), London (UK). . Right in Vietnam in 2015, she brought the hit NewThang (Red Foo) with a beautiful flute dance and stirred up the whole area where she was performing.
DJ in a bikini
Talent, beauty, great achievements are all that can be said about this girl. DJ Soda is always the highlight at EDM addict get togethers. Seeing and hearing fans have always been fascinated by this girl. Stay tuned for news as well as new upcoming works from this girl.

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